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Review, Asian American Literary Review, Truthdig, The Collagist, Barrow
Primarily he's a video collagist - an "electronic beachcomber" as one critic dubbed him - creating complex and fragmented audio-visual mixtapes and film installations from subtly modifying, altering or appropriating a selection of found material such as VHS cassettes and viral web clips to old records and archive material.
Dada, Cubism, Arte Povera, and so-called abject art--not to mention the work of every other coffee-shop collagist and front-yard bricoleur--have all greatly depended on found refuse, with as many meanings generated as there have been artists repurposing the rubbish.
Her poems and reviews appear in The Collagist, Lana Turner, Poetry, and elsewhere.
Among these are artists of such stature as Romare Bearden, the master American collagist of the twentieth century; Wolf Kahn, considered by many to be the premier living American landscape painter; and Robert Motherwell, one of the leaders of the American Abstract Expressionist movement.
As a literary collagist, le Carre is fiercely modern; this is the thriller as tapestry, a confluence of styles, voices, approaches.
Among his vocations, Wolf is a collagist and poet; the two crafts inform this spare assemblage perfectly.
As a painter, printmaker and collagist, Trevelyan had an extraordinary talent for bringing disparate things together, and a wonderful verbal articulacy to match that visual acuity.
6) Peter "is both an image and an object in a collagist sense, inhabiting an indeterminate space" (Yue 120-21).
After having read the introductory discussion of high-modernist visual arts, readers may still have collagist images by Benjamin Peret, Pablo Picasso, and Aaron Douglas in mind when Farebrother moves them to Franz Boas's work and the central place collage occupies in his description and understanding of culture.
Earl met Taveniere as well as Woods' wild card, cassette collagist Lucas Crane in college at SUNY Purchase.
Also an accomplished collagist and filmmaker, he was self-taught and created his first collages, box constructions and experimental films in the 1930s.