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Adj.1.collapsable - capable of collapsing or being collapsed; "a collapsible boat"
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It unfolds like one of those collapsable circular fans.
Barracuda is a collapsable smart carry-on case that looks great and seems extremely convenient for regular travellers.
Collapsable stocks are considerably more expensive, though definitely add to the HK 'cool-factor' and are surprisingly useful as they are handy.
Kieron Dalton, 23, of Nicholls Street, Hillfields, admitted carrying an offensive weapon - a collapsable police baton - in public, and possessing five small bags of the class B drug cannabis.
BROOKLYN: The Collapsable Hole, home to many of Williamsburg's most daring theatrical heists--many of which are too insalubrious to mention in this publication--has closed its doors after 13 years.
The aircraft's A-pillars/spar cage and collapsable fuselage ribs provide more crash protection.
A nifty collapsable design means they can be stashed away in your pocket safely.
Likewise, he wrote to Charles Olson that "nausea hip to rib for a day and night realizing the body's a collapsable pain trap -& couldn't get past that.