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An edible plant (Brassica oleracea var. acephala) in the mustard family, having large smooth spreading leaves.

[Variant of colewort.]


1. (Plants) a variety of the cabbage, Brassica oleracea acephala, having a crown of edible leaves. See also kale1
2. (Plants) the leaves of this plant, eaten as a vegetable
[C18: variant of colewort]


(ˈkɒl ərd)

1. a variety of kale, Brassica oleracea acephala, grown in the southern U.S., having a rosette of green leaves.
2. collards. Also called col′lard greens`. the leaves of this plant, eaten cooked as a vegetable.
[1745–55; variant of colewort]
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Noun1.collard - variety of kale having smooth leaves
borecole, Brassica oleracea acephala, cole, colewort, kail, kale - a hardy cabbage with coarse curly leaves that do not form a head
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With the complex parts we use, some have more than 1,000 measurement points," Collard said.
It's another family restaurant, and they have wonderful fried chicken and collard greens and black-eyed peas and okra, corn, and tomatoes mixed together.
Observations received as of yet exhibit that protein synthesis is promoted in tomato, bell pepper, squash, lima bean, and collard by carbon monoxide; in tomato, mustard, spinach, pumpkin, and collard sulfur dioxide; and in squash by nitrogen dioxide.
Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas create a model that can explain the conduct of monetary policy in the 1970s if the central bank is fairly insensitive both to expectations of rising inflation and to any perception of a wide output gap and is also highly uncertain about potential output.
To be part of the new technology development on such a key launch program is very significant to us and underpins the true value of our tools," said Philippe Collard, President and CEO of eNGENUITY Technologies Inc.
Aunty Dot Collard Herself Ethel Kylie Belling Mum Ningali Lawford Dot Deborah Mailman
For the collard greens, preheat the fryer to 365 degrees.
Pero ante los constantes escandalos por la conducta de Sade y sus pupilos, el joven abate acepta llamar al implacable "domador" de prisiones: Royer Collard (Michael Caine), un represor inflexible.
A variety of greens can be a part of your diet, including collard, kale, mustard, turnip, spinach, Swiss chard and dandelion.
In addition, Collard stated that "most small businesses are less likely to learn about an ID theft and data breach event until a significant amount of time has passed.
The preacher's wife came to visit and brought some collard seeds as a gift; Miss Annie Pearl has been growing and saving them ever since.