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n. pl. pec·ca·ries
Any of several piglike hoofed mammals of the family Tayassuidae, found in North, Central, and South America and having stiff bristles and short, straight tusks.

[Ultimately from Carib pakira.]
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n, pl -ries or -ry
(Animals) either of two piglike artiodactyl mammals, Tayassu tajacu (collared peccary) or T. albirostris (white-lipped peccary) of forests of southern North America, Central, and South America: family Tayassuidae
[C17: from Carib]
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(ˈpɛk ə ri)

n., pl. -ries, (esp. collectively) -ry.
either of two piglike mammals constituting the New World family Tayassuidae, esp. Tayassu tajacu, ( collared peccary or javelina), having a dark gray coat with a white collar.
[1605–15; < Carib]
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Noun1.peccary - nocturnal gregarious pig-like wild animals of North America and South Americapeccary - nocturnal gregarious pig-like wild animals of North America and South America
artiodactyl, artiodactyl mammal, even-toed ungulate - placental mammal having hooves with an even number of functional toes on each foot
genus Pecari, genus Tayassu, Tayassu - type genus of the Tayassuidae
collared peccary, javelina, Peccari angulatus, Tayassu angulatus, Tayassu tajacu - dark grey peccary with an indistinct white collar; of semi desert areas of Mexico and southwestern United States
Tayassu pecari, white-lipped peccary - blackish peccary with whitish cheeks; larger than the collared peccary
Chiacoan peccary - a recently discovered large wild pig of Paraguay
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[ˈpekərɪ] N (peccary or peccaries (pl)) (Zool) → saíno m, pecarí m (LAm), pécari m (LAm)
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nPekari nt, → Nabelschwein nt
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Two collared peccaries, which resemble boars, were taken from the zoo in Maracaibo, Zulia over the weekend.
Other social species like white-lipped and collared peccaries groups were counted as single entities, but unlike monkeys, were recorded each time presence of the group was seen, even in sequential 50 m sub-sections (Carrillo et al., 2000).
Currently, collared peccaries are hunted in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico and in Mexico and Argentina.
In Barro Colorado Island, Panama (BCI), ocelots were much more frequently recorded at camera trap stations located on trails than at those located in random locations, while collared peccaries and brocket deer showed the opposite pattern (Kays et al., 2011).
Because seeds remain in the digestive tract for [less than or equal to] 5 days (Gonzalez-Espinosa and Quintana-Ascencio, 1986) and home ranges are extensive (165-247 ha in our area; Green et al., 2001) with daily movements [less than or equal to] 10 km reported, collared peccaries can transport seeds over long distances and generate extensive seed-shadows (spatial distribution of dispersed seeds around their source; Beck, 2005).
Niche partitioning among white-lipped peccaries (Tayassu pecari), Collared Peccaries (Pecari tajacu), and Feral Pigs (Sus Scrofa).
As a result, several farms are attempting to produce captive collared peccaries (4).
Walking through the Huachuca Mountains on the fort at sunrise, one might spot a group of coatis, which resemble a hybrid between a raccoon and a monkey; piglike collared peccaries; a mountain lion; dozens of butterfly species; and scores of the nearly 400 bird species reported in the basin, including the quetzallike elegant trogon.
IF YOU'RE LOOKING for some excitement and want to put your hunting skills to the test, give javelinas, or collared peccaries, a try this winter.
Of these, 12 contained cattle, 5 capybaras, 4 collared peccaries, 4 white-lipped peccaries, and 2 caimans.