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1. Situated or running side by side; parallel.
2. Coinciding in tendency or effect; concomitant or accompanying.
3. Serving to support or corroborate: collateral evidence.
4. Of a secondary nature; subordinate: collateral target damage from a bombing run.
5. Of, relating to, or guaranteed by a security pledged against the performance of an obligation: a collateral loan.
6. Having an ancestor in common but descended from a different line.
1. Property acceptable as security for a loan or other obligation.
2. A collateral relative.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin collaterālis : Latin com-, com- + Latin latus, later-, side.]

col·lat′er·al·ly adv.
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Collaterally with this, three of the young recruits, joined by their fathers and uncles, had downed, and were finishing off the only one of the boat's crew that was below.
He said that the education and development are collaterally connected with another.
Collaterally, there's also emotional reasoning, which is a common pastime for many people, high IQ or not.
'Collateral attacks on a presumably valid law are not allowed and that petitioners in this case are collaterally attacking the validity of Social Security Act (RA 8282) by putting in issue not only the validity of the exercise of respondents SSS and Social Security Commission's (SSC) power under the said law but also the validity of the delegation of power to the SSC under the said law to fix the contribution rate by claiming the said delegation to be incomplete in all its terms and conditions,' the high court said.
The PIO said the SC dismissed KMU's petition since the group and other petitioners "are collaterally attacking the validity of Social Security Act (Republic Act No.
Collaterally, they said, the ARU also received complaints with regard to existence of properties of Pakistanis abroad and once any complaint was received, the ARU was duty-bound to take an appropriate action.
"If that should lead to a different result, then a court would have been at least indirectly or collaterally involved in dealing with utterances made in the Houses.
Collaterally, 3D printing will disrupt the existing manufacturing structure and redistribute jobs across the globe.
Collaterally, it is vital to ensure that no action be taken to embarrass, defame or cast aspersions, or to portray the exiting employee in a false light.
"Even if McDonough is not collaterally estopped from contending that she has a disability under the Rehabilitation Act, the undisputed record does not support such showing here, even post-ADAAA.
Petitioner's declarations in open court that he understood the plea agreement, as well as its provision waiving his right to collaterally attack his sentence, are binding.