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 (kə-lāt′, kŏl′āt′, kō′lāt′)
tr.v. col·lat·ed, col·lat·ing, col·lates
1. To examine and compare carefully in order to note points of disagreement.
2. To assemble in proper numerical or logical sequence.
3. Printing
a. To examine (gathered sheets) in order to arrange them in proper sequence before binding.
b. To verify the order and completeness of (the pages of a volume).
4. Ecclesiastical To admit (a cleric) to a benefice.

[From Latin collātus, past participle of cōnferre, to bring together : com-, com- + lātus, brought; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]

col·la′tor n.
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(kɒˈleɪtə; kəʊ-; ˈkɒleɪtə; ˈkəʊ-)
1. a person or machine that collates texts or manuscripts
2. (Computer Science) computing a device for matching or checking punched cards in separate files and for merging two or more files sorted into the same ordered sequence
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Government land in Baluatar captured by land mafias is found kept in different commercial banks as collator withdrawing billions of rupees by them, Naya Patrika daily reports.
In June 2018, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) teamed up with Hyundai Motor to beta-launch a project called Collator (
Though she was employed by Kemper Insurance as a collator as well as Royal Lock Inc.
But it was disliked by the vast majority of critics, according to online reviews collator Rotten Tomatoes, which dismissed it as a "remake that fails to clear the fairly low bar set by the original."
BirdTrack, the online collator of sightings, shows that UK records for both House Martin and Swift are behind the average.
Bosch Packaging Technology has enhanced its Presto D3 toploading collator for improved productivity and ease of use.
And it seems Miao has chosen to remain distanced from her subject, functioning more as a collator than as an author, because any attempt to summarize or make claims about the Chinese Internet, or even about the medium itself, would be inherently flawed.
FOR a number of years since its inception this race has formed part of the answer to a fiendishly difficult quiz question that has stumped many a keen collator of racing trivia.
The overall picture is a reminder of just how fragile the region's recovery is looking," said Chris Williamson, chief economist at data collator Markit.
Surveys can often raise more questions than they answer, especially for such a passionate collector and collator of surveys as myself.