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A fellow member of a profession, staff, or academic faculty; an associate. See Synonyms at partner.

[French collègue, from Latin collēga : com-, com- + lēgāre, to depute; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

col′league·ship′ n.


workplace companionship
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This connects to Lord's (1994) notion of critical colleagueship, or the ability to share classroom practices and surface concerns with other educators and then provide and receive constructive criticism.
"The best thing about it was the colleagueship", and I hope they manage to keep it open for a long time yet.
My subsequent decisionseven years and another university laterto become a Jew-by-choice was significantly informed by Girard, whose writings, colleagueship, and friendship informed the ongoing, gradual uncovering of the pre-existing Judaism that I had already intuited within myself.
This helped all to get together, communicate more, cement friendship and colleagueship bonds, in addition to practicing some sport.
Their need for colleagueship was filled by the emergence of coworking facilities, complete with Starbucks for coffee breaks.
Four kinds of relationships are significant: 1/ "communication" (serious talk about research); 2/ "co-authorship"; 3/ "apprenticeship" (teachers training students); and 4/ "colleagueship" (scholars working in the same department) (18-20).
Through mentorship and colleagueship, faculty members guide and advise each other on research, case writing, and teaching.
Whereas any professional occupation presents an example of those pursuing it as needing to navigate that liminal phase "between commitment and final acceptance into professional colleagueship," these authors assert that "[m]edicine is, in many respects, the crucial case" (p.
asking both local broadcasters to "immediately halt the organization of libel trade campaigns in preservation of professional colleagueship and in commitment to a judicial decision issued by Beirut judge for urgent affairs." The letter warned both sides of legal consequences in case of any attempt at violating the judicial order, noting any breach will be referred to Information Minister, Ramzi Jreij, and subsequently to the Council of Ministers for appropriate measures.
Given our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our robust student learning-centered divisional curriculum, our engagement in best assessment practices, and our collaborative, connected and transparent colleagueship and leadership, it is important for me to honor and celebrate my colleagues with others."
I could trace many more consequences of the colleagueship, budding scholarship, friendship, and modes of influence that mark that time.
Another amazing aspect of the conferences is the colleagueship, the opportunity to see friends twice a year, to keep up with what we are all doing across the state, and to always learn from and enjoy each other.