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A fellow member of a profession, staff, or academic faculty; an associate. See Synonyms at partner.

[French collègue, from Latin collēga : com-, com- + lēgāre, to depute; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

col′league·ship′ n.


workplace companionship
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This helped all to get together, communicate more, cement friendship and colleagueship bonds, in addition to practicing some sport.
Their need for colleagueship was filled by the emergence of coworking facilities, complete with Starbucks for coffee breaks.
Through mentorship and colleagueship, faculty members guide and advise each other on research, case writing, and teaching.
2012; Herbst & Kosko, 2014; Herbst, Nachlieli, & Chazan, 2011), in our study we used the animations to develop study group norms that would support critical colleagueship (Lord, 1994).
asking both local broadcasters to "immediately halt the organization of libel trade campaigns in preservation of professional colleagueship and in commitment to a judicial decision issued by Beirut judge for urgent affairs.
Given our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our robust student learning-centered divisional curriculum, our engagement in best assessment practices, and our collaborative, connected and transparent colleagueship and leadership, it is important for me to honor and celebrate my colleagues with others.
I could trace many more consequences of the colleagueship, budding scholarship, friendship, and modes of influence that mark that time.
Another amazing aspect of the conferences is the colleagueship, the opportunity to see friends twice a year, to keep up with what we are all doing across the state, and to always learn from and enjoy each other.
This brief contribution is offered with a deep sense of appreciation for the enduring colleagueship of Professor Leonard Swidler and profound gratitude for his guidance during my doctoral program as I chose a path that navigated the worlds of health care, theology, ethics, and interreligious dialogue.
He also manifested the importance of creative teaching and proactive colleagueship.
This reaction may be exacerbated if a sole practitioner is operating in an environment with considerable isolation, without the camaraderie, colleagueship, and support found in an agency.
Out of these meetings grew a tight colleagueship, then friendship and exchange of knowledge and ideas, which brought us out of our isolation," Johnston recalls.