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also col·lect·a·ble  (kə-lĕk′tə-bəl)
1. Worthy of being collected: collectible antique coins.
2. Capable of being collected: a collectible loan.
One of a group or class of objects, such as period glass or historical memorabilia, sought by collectors.
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(kəˈlɛktəbəl) or


(Antiques) (of antiques, objets d'art, etc) of interest to a collector
(Antiques) any object regarded as being of interest to a collector
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Noun1.collectable - things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)collectable - things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)
chachka, tchotchke, tsatske, tshatshke - (Yiddish) an inexpensive showy trinket
curio, curiosity, oddment, peculiarity, rarity, oddity - something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting
Adj.1.collectable - subject to or requiring payment especially as specified; "a collectible bill"; "a note payable on demand"; "a check payable to John Doe"
due - owed and payable immediately or on demand; "payment is due"
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[kəˈlektəbl] Ncoleccionable m
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The show is both a celebration of the now highly collectable vintage toy line and also of the iconic design work and art of the Star Wars movies.
Accord to the FBR's data on current demand created and collected by the LTUs in 2014-15 the percentage of collectable demand stood at 91 percent by LTU Karachi during July-Feb 2014-2015 against 87 percent in the same period last fiscal.
Each collectable doll comes from a worldwide limited edition of only 100.
However, his simple but effective philosophy that customers would return for more of their favourite collectable proved true.
THERE are few events that see such a varied and colourful degree of collectable merchandise as the Olympics.
Each collection of Silver Tag Bears consists of 6 fully jointed collectable teddy bears that comes from a worldwide limited edition of only 1500 pieces.
BECKS is collectable because he is part of Manchester United, one of the most popular clubs in footballing history.
Terry Barnicoat, managing director of Much Ado About Toys, said: "People could be rummaging through their attics and come across something that's very collectable. We would love to come across any unusual collectables people may have, and we'll do free valuations or buy their toys."
Charlie Bears are collectable teddies (both plush and mohair) known worldwide for their quality, huggability and reasonable pricing.
"There's also a big following of Beatrix Potter." But regardless of nationality, what all collectors share is a passion for their chosen collectable. "It's an emotional thing," says John.
These sought-after pieces are included in the latest range of popular and highly collectable sculptures from Lilliput Lane now on sale at Collectables in time for Christmas.