collection basket

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a small basket{1} mounted on the end of a pole, used in churches to collect donations from those attending a church service; - the long pole allows the collector to hold the basket in front of those at the end of the pew, while the collector remains in the aisle.

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His watercraft is specially outfitted with a screen on the bowl that knocks the seeds off the stalks into a collection basket.
collection basket for canned food and cash donations will be available to provide Thanksgiving baskets to families in need.
It isn't how much you drop into the collection basket during Mass.
It can hold your tools while you're working in the garden and serve as a collection basket for your harvested produce.
Donations of food and personal care items can be made through the collection basket in the main foyer of Town Hall.
They're not regulating the priest who absolves you of your sins and tells you to put some money in the collection basket, or the old lady who sends all her money to Pat Robertson," said Day, who's said to ride around Salem on a Segway scooter in warlock garb.
Neath Magistrates' Court heard that as Mrs Gordon reached into an unguarded gap between the packaging machine and the strapping machine, a can collection basket lowered, trapping her head.
Our tax revenue collection basket has been leaking", he said, adding that he believed only one-tenth of the revenues collected from the country's borders and internal trade reaches the government's chest while the rest is pocketed by individuals.
We'd be looking for a fee - perhaps for Celtic to throw money in the collection basket like they would at the church.
It sounds like an over-the-top Tom Wolfe novel: a successor to the apostles conducts an affair with a male graduate student, is accused of "date rape" and emotional harm by said student, and raids the collection basket of the faithful to hush the student up, then, as the bishop settles into a cushy retirement, he pens a "coming out" memoir in praise of homosexual behaviour, all the while retaining the canonical rights and privileges of a retired archbishop and receiving pats on the back from fellow clergy.
Family flowers only, donations in lieu would be appreciated for the Air Ambulance, a collection basket will be available at the crematorium.
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