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Noun1.collection plate - a shallow receptacle for collection in churchcollection plate - a shallow receptacle for collection in church
receptacle - a container that is used to put or keep things in
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Family flowers only but donations if so desired for the Cats Protection League for which purpose a collection plate will be provided in Church.
One of the devices available is small enough to sit in a brass collection plate which gives parishioners the option of making a cashless donation or drop in notes and coins.
The Church of Scotland is adapting to the increasing number of people choosing to make payments by card by rolling out a new "contactless collection plate".
A collection plate will be available at the chapel.
There is an all-pervasive sense of despondency among the overworked and undervalued clergy who are left; an attitude of contempt towards the 'poor bl**dy infantry' in local churches; and a lack of accountability by those at the top towards those who have been funding this decline via the collection plate.
CHURCH congregations could make offerings via contactless cards under new plans to bring the collection plate into the digital era.
Family flowers only please, donations in lieu if desired to Gas House Lane Palliative Care Equipment for Home Care.A collection plate will be available in the Mission Hall.
Supplied as a package, including filter plate, collection plate, waste tray and manifold, the sample preparation system contains all the elements to deliver the advantages of high productivity SPE sample preparation in a convenient microplate format.
The franchise's disciples will surely fill its collection plate as full as 2014's $60 million-grossing original, but this paranoid persecution-complex fantasy is unlikely to win many converts.
The extraction solvent (now containing target analytes) is collected in a collection plate or tube for further analysis.
A collection plate will also be available at the Crematorium.
A brass collection plate and bible stand were stolen.

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