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 (kŏl′ĕk-tĭv′ĭ-tē, kə-lĕk′-)
1. The quality or condition of being collective.
2. The people considered as a body or whole.
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n, pl -ties
1. the quality or state of being collective
2. a collective whole or aggregate
3. (Human Geography) people regarded as a whole
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(ˌkɒl ɛkˈtɪv ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. collective character.
2. a collective whole.
3. the people collectively.
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Besides, as a eugenicist convinced of the superiority of the upper classes over the lower ones, of the colonizer over the colonized, Woolf, like most modernist writers, adheres to a hegemonic colonial collectivity that excludes the indigenous other from the human family.
This provision could apply to Mayotte given the institutional evolution of this French overseas collectivity, currently outside EU territory.
To articulate such an idea, in terms of the various interventions, begins by first rejecting or challenging conceptions of community that reproduce a collectivity that is built upon, engenders and fosters a sense of closure, continuity, unity and universalism.
Since this "sum" is purely theoretical and abstract, it is generally accepted that all phenomena concerning a collectivity are exclusively qualitative and cannot be structured.
Social historians now recognize the widespread influence of CR in American society and political theory, and CR was a central tool for fostering women's collectivity during the Second Wave.
This investigation on indigenous settlements revealed a high level of domestic intimacy as well as a sense of collectivity. More and more the three architects foresook formal space-time aesthetics for the acknowledgement of real spatialities and temporalities of everyday life.
Collectivity and collaboration will be the keys to a successful 2006 in the Lower North Island's district health boards (DHBs).
The first section is his critique, his methodology and approach to the problem of the Castilian farmer and his relationship to the collectivity. He covers a range of theories, from neo-liberalism and its commitment to free markets and individual liberties to utilitarian arguments that emphasize social consequences of cooperation and collective activity.
Is collegiality to collectivity as friendship is to love, blander but safer, steadier but less intense, more likely to endure but less likely to innovate and transform?
But both sides continued to clash yesterday over their failure to agree a power-sharing model which would guarantee ministerial accountability and greater collectivity.
Anyone who was around then, of virtually any political colour, will testify to the fact that trade union power was both selfish and wilful greed masquerading as collectivity, and that it brought about its own downfall.