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Over the past decades, the Communist Party has flip-flopped on peasants' rights to use land: giving small plots to farm during 1950s land reform, collectivizing a few years later, restoring rights at the start of the reform era and now trying to obliterate small landholders, the report said.
With it, the nation began collectivizing elder care.
It has an optimistic target of reaching out to 100,000 such women, and collectivizing them for realization of their rights by ensuring entitlements.
Finally, for many decades, Americans have remained interested in the writings of Alexis de Tocqueville--even as Europe has all but ignored his analysis (notably, Tocqueville's name is absent from Blond's book)--whose warning about the individualizing and collectivizing tendencies of democracy have long been part of our national self-understanding.
The same proves also that he kept collectivizing the countryside despite being well-informed about the fact that the country was being torn apart by civil strife.
After priming some of the testees to focus on collectivizing forces, such as family, and priming others to focus on themselves, the researchers sat back and counted the drinks consumed.
In 1959 the Chinese government took a "Great Leap Forward," collectivizing rural farms for greater productivity.
England had just abandoned the gold standard, Japan had invaded Manchuria and Stalin was collectivizing agriculture in the Soviet Union.
These also have a powerful collectivizing and impoverishing effect on foreign nations.