collector of internal revenue

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Noun1.collector of internal revenue - someone who collects taxes for the governmentcollector of internal revenue - someone who collects taxes for the government
administrative official, bureaucrat - an official of a bureaucracy
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Collector of Internal Revenue (GR L-9257, November 27, 1956) held that, under the then Internal Revenue Code, the Collector of Internal Revenue may be made to answer for interest at the legal rate on taxes improperly collected.
After relocating to Santa Fe, he secured the position of Collector of Internal Revenue for the territory of New Mexico, a political reward for his support for the Republican candidate in the 1869 presidential election, General Ulysses S.
The Revenue Act of 1862 divided up the nation into administrative districts and authorized the President to appoint a collector of internal revenue for each district--analogous to the collector of customs appointed for each port of entry--who in turn was authorized to hire assistants.