college student

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: student - a student enrolled in a college or universitycollege student - a student enrolled in a college or university
college boy, college man, collegian - a student (or former student) at a college or university
matriculate - someone who has been admitted to a college or university
practice teacher, student teacher - a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education
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There was the former's frail young wife, and also an elderly lady, who taught kindergarten in the settlement, and a young college student, a beautiful girl with an intense and earnest face.
com)-- Whether the college student has to share the community dorm bathroom with other college students or the college student has a private dorm bathroom that is shared with a couple roommates, there are dorm essentials needed in order to make these situations more comfortable.
Imagine the 19-year-old college student who needs a science textbook that costs three times as much.
A comprehensive examination of the undecided college student is offered, from a review of the vast research to the practical methods for advising and counseling.
College student Samantha Shery said she ``easily'' spends as much on college textbooks as she does on Christmas gifts.
However, the role of social goals in college student achievement needs to be addressed.
Not everyone who spent his spring break helping out was a college student, however.
The College Student's Guide To Eating Well On Campus by professional nutritionalist Ann Selkowitz Litt is the ultimate guide to helping the college student around the campus maintaining affordable and healthy eating.
There aren't that many trans folks who are working on college campuses, so I'm hoping to be a resource for a college student coming out.
The typical college student explores the world of work in a variety of ways.
For more information on SheerID's college student enrollment verification solutions, call 855-SheerID to speak directly to a representative, email info(at)sheerid(dot)com, or visit http://www.
com)-- It may seem easier for the college student to be eco-friendly while living at home.

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