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n. pl. col·le·gi·a (-jē-ə) or col·le·gi·ums
1. An executive council or committee of equally empowered members, especially one supervising an industry, commissariat, or other organization in the Soviet Union.
2. A group whose members pursue shared goals while working within a framework of mutual trust and respect: "This standing firm ... enables the college to be a community, a collegium of students and faculty working at common problems and possibilities" (Robert A. Spivey).

[Russian kollegiya, from Latin collēgium, association, from collēga, colleague; see colleague.]


n, pl -giums or -gia (-dʒɪə)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the former Soviet Union) a board in charge of a department
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) another term for College of Cardinals, Sacred College
[Latin: college]


(kəˈli dʒi əm)

n., pl. -gi•a (-dʒi ə)
a group of officials with equal rank and power.
[1915–20; < Latin]
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Law says appointment will be made on collegiums' choice but this government ignores the collegiums' recommendation," Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal told press, here.
We are excited to have Joe join Collegium in this newly created role, said Mike Heffernan, Collegiums CEO.
The silver lining in the flawed judgment in the NJAC case is Justice Chelameshwar's dissenting judgment which upheld the constitutional Amendment which scrapped the collegiums. He ended his dissent quoting Macaulay's dictum, "reform that you may preserve".
Leaving both the Bishop and the Superior-General off the collegiums protected St.
Any person who has a specific information/ complaint / evidence against the shortlisted candidates should intimate the same to the proposed collegiums secretariat, it said.
The expansion of coverage positions us well to grow Xtampza ER adoption throughout 2017, stated Michael Heffernan, Collegiums CEO.
Commenting on a meeting between the government and former chief justices of India and top jurists in New Delhi yesterday, Bhushan told ANI, "The first thing that came out in the meeting was that the collegiums system should be scrapped.
In some suggestions, it was requested that these vacancies should be notified six months in advance and applications should be permitted for appointment apart from the names being recommended by judges/ collegiums.eIN The constitution bench headed by Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar took up for hearing a 20- page report filed by Additional Solicitor General Pinky Anand and senior advocate Arvind P Datar who had collated and tabulated more than 60 representations from various associations and individuals.
In India, the collegiums system was created to counter balance the complete dominance of the executive which had led to certain problems.
Stoutly defending the collegium system, the CJI said, " Everyone is out to condemn the collegiums system as a failure I am from the first batch of judges selected via collegium and Justice Rohinton Nariman ( son of senior lawyer Fali S Nariman who sits with him) is the last one to be selected.
" Everybody was of the view that the collegiums system should change.
Later, the Justice Department of the Law Ministry wrote a note to the collegiums, following which it said his case can be considered for some extension, he further said.