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tr.v. col·li·mat·ed, col·li·mat·ing, col·li·mates
1. To make parallel; line up.
2. To adjust the line of sight of (an optical device).

[New Latin collīmāre, collīmāt-, alteration of Latin collīneāre, to aim : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + līneāre, to make straight (from līnea, line; see line1).]

col′li·ma′tion n.
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Noun1.collimation - the accurate adjustment of the line of sight of a telescope
readjustment, adjustment, registration - the act of adjusting something to match a standard
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Tenders Are Invited for Supply, Installation, Test and Handover at Site of Following Equipment Integrated Gyroscope Theodolite (North -seeker With Provision of Three Axis Coordinate Measurement) & Digital Theodolite With Provision of Auto Collimation for Up-gradation of Periscope Repair Bay at Weapon Department at Nd (V) EMD value : INR 616280 Opening date : 16 Feb 2018 Period of contract : 03 Months
The two regions bookend the acceleration and collimation zone, a poorly understood space where the jet's plasma narrows and achieves relativistic speeds.
Other proton therapy improvements include snout rotation for passive proton techniques and MLC collimation for PBS and passive techniques.
In this paper, we present a novel system, using simulated collimation, Holographic Optical Elements and spectral interferential filters.
It is prevalent when imaging thicker anatomy and when collimation is not close enough to the anatomy of interest.
It is equipped with many dose reduction features, including an integrated laser light localizer, radiation free collimation, and multi-level dose control.
1,2) As a result, dentistry has tried to minimize patient dose through the use of patient protective equipment, faster receptors, digital imaging, beam alignment devices, longer source to end distances and collimation of the beam.
Procedures--Sets of radiographs were prospectively collected and evaluated for proper performance of various radiographic technical variables including exposure, collimation, positioning, inclusion of all appropriate views, presence of artifacts, radiation safety, and labeling.
The topics include applications of propagation invariant light fields, linearly traveling and accelerating localized wave solutions to the Schrodinger and Schrodinger-like equations, low-cost two-dimensional collimation of real-time pulsed ultrasonic beams by X-wave-based high-voltage driving of annular arrays, generating localized beams and localized pulses using the angular spectrum, and controlling the longitudinal and transverse shape of optical non-diffracting waves in the experimental generation of frozen waves in optics.
Unlike a refractor, a reflector's optics require occasional collimation, which involves adjusting the telescope's two mirrors so they're properly aligned with each other.
Toshiba will demonstrate the new capabilities of the Infinix-i including WorkRite technology to showcase the system's flexibility, superior ergonomics and patient-access features during transradial procedures; Spot Fluoroscopy, a new, unconventional way to provide collimation, giving physicians the ability to see more clinical information outside the live fluoro region of interest (ROI); Access Halo, the Infinix-i's unique design that provides 180 degrees of direct head-end patient access for clinical teams during advanced procedures with maximum efficiency and safety and Transaortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) software that supports the planning and deployment phases for this procedure.
Made by Coherent, the StingRay series mates a diode laser with high performance electronics and precision refractive optics for collimation and line generation covering the widest available range of fan angles.