collision zone

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col·li·sion zone

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This subduction has created a collision zone with the potential to generate huge earthquakes and accompanying tsunamis, which happen when faulted rock abrupty shoves the ocean out of its way
Phivolcs said the epicenters or origins of the main earthquake and its aftershocks were clustered within the seismically active region known as the Palawan-Mindoro-Panay collision zone.
In the collision zone expected oblate strain ellipsoid shape and dominant deformation mechanism be flattening.
Characterized by high seismic activity and situated in the active collision zone of Arabian plate with Eurasian, the territory of Azerbaijan has complicated block structures differing from each other by the level of seismic activity.
Based on current knowledge of the region, the project is located in the collision zone of the Indian and Eurasian plates; therefore the Kaigah Hydropower Project is faced by a severe earthquake hazard potential.
"The district is one big collision zone of people, ideas and opportunity," says Aljoud Lootah from her d3 studio.
Among his topics are the plate-tectonic framework; the central Mediterranean: Alps and Apennines; the India-Asia collision zone; the North American Cordillera; the ocean ridges; and older mountain belts.
To locate vehicles relative to the road intersection, a Cartesian coordinate system is established with the center of collision zone as the original point (Figure 2).
These figures also illustrate the collision zone of two moisture sources (the shortwave trough (PJ) and the atmospheric river (STJ)) over the FWD, Texas area.
New Zealand is regularly hit by earthquakes as it sits in a "collision zone" between the Indo-Australian and Pacific tectonic plates.
Here, we introduce the concepts of the instantaneous collision zone and the persistent collision zone.
You have got to get off your line so quickly in defence and, as I said before, the collision zone is absolutely massive.

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