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intr.v. col·logued, col·logu·ing, col·logues
1. To be on friendly or intimate terms with someone.
a. To consult or confer with someone.
b. To chat.
3. Chiefly Upper Southern US To conspire; intrigue: "I'm satisfied they're colloguing to beat me out of my place" (Dialect Notes).

[Perhaps alteration (influenced by Latin colloquī, to converse) of colleague, to enter into an alliance, from Old French colleguer, from Latin colligāre, to collect (influenced by Old French collegue, colleague); see colligate.]


vb, collogues, colloguing or collogued
(usually foll: by with) to confer confidentially; intrigue or conspire
[C16: perhaps from obsolete colleague (vb) to be or act as a colleague, conspire, influenced by Latin colloquī to talk with; see colleague]


Past participle: collogued
Gerund: colloguing

I collogue
you collogue
he/she/it collogues
we collogue
you collogue
they collogue
I collogued
you collogued
he/she/it collogued
we collogued
you collogued
they collogued
Present Continuous
I am colloguing
you are colloguing
he/she/it is colloguing
we are colloguing
you are colloguing
they are colloguing
Present Perfect
I have collogued
you have collogued
he/she/it has collogued
we have collogued
you have collogued
they have collogued
Past Continuous
I was colloguing
you were colloguing
he/she/it was colloguing
we were colloguing
you were colloguing
they were colloguing
Past Perfect
I had collogued
you had collogued
he/she/it had collogued
we had collogued
you had collogued
they had collogued
I will collogue
you will collogue
he/she/it will collogue
we will collogue
you will collogue
they will collogue
Future Perfect
I will have collogued
you will have collogued
he/she/it will have collogued
we will have collogued
you will have collogued
they will have collogued
Future Continuous
I will be colloguing
you will be colloguing
he/she/it will be colloguing
we will be colloguing
you will be colloguing
they will be colloguing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been colloguing
you have been colloguing
he/she/it has been colloguing
we have been colloguing
you have been colloguing
they have been colloguing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been colloguing
you will have been colloguing
he/she/it will have been colloguing
we will have been colloguing
you will have been colloguing
they will have been colloguing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been colloguing
you had been colloguing
he/she/it had been colloguing
we had been colloguing
you had been colloguing
they had been colloguing
I would collogue
you would collogue
he/she/it would collogue
we would collogue
you would collogue
they would collogue
Past Conditional
I would have collogued
you would have collogued
he/she/it would have collogued
we would have collogued
you would have collogued
they would have collogued
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Verb1.collogue - confer secretly
confer, confab, confabulate, consult - have a conference in order to talk something over; "We conferred about a plan of action"
References in classic literature ?
And how long have you been so thick with Dunsey that you must collogue with him to embezzle my money?
There's been ill-looking tramps enoo' about the place this last week, to carry off every ham an' every spoon we'n got; and they all collogue together, them tramps, as it's a mercy they hanna come and poisoned the dogs and murdered us all in our beds afore we knowed, some Friday night when we'n got the money in th' house to pay the men.
Press club of Kohat protested against the murder of their collogue and demanded the authorities to bring the culprits to justice.
We have never seen tear gas cause these symptoms." One of the nine seriously wounded protesters who were transferred to the Science and Technology Hospital for treatment contacted the Yemen Times at 7am on Wednesday, breathlessly saying that his collogue had passed away 30 minutes before.
It could be more appropriate if the managers were rated by their followers, collogue, and seniors in order to make a comparison between various ratings.
A relatively restrained but topical example is the following: "Let them run, ride, strive as so many fishes for a crum, scrape, climb, catch, snatch, cosen, collogue, temporize and fleir, take all amongst them, wealth, honour, and get what they can, it offends me not" (2:189).
Of the ten essays and avant-propos of Francois Roudaut in the collected papers of the Collogue d'Uzes, seven are devoted to Jean Mercier and three to his son, Josiah.
Yins compluthert ben tha thurd Britisch-Airisch Cooncil Heid Collogue in Jersey in 2002 at tha Walsh Semmlie Govermenn wad hae tha forewey o tha ontak fur forderin tha darg in tha maitter o tha wee-reck an unner-docht leids.
The Malcontent, then, offers explicit juxtaposition of Mendoza's Machiavellian dissembling with Altofronto's temporizing: both are forms of role-play, but they are clearly meant to be distinguished from one another, as well as from Bilioso's mindless following of favor ("look ye, we must collogue sometimes, forswear sometimes" [5.2.73-74]) and from Aurelia's brazen counterfeiting (4.2.1-28), which of course fools no one.
Penser la television: Acres du collogue de Cerisy (To Think About Television: Acts of the Cerisy Colloquium).
Gerald Collogue, M.H.S., R.T.(R)(CT)(MR), is director of the Diagnostic Imaging Program at Quinnipiac College in Hamden, Conn.
Bournois, F., Gestion strategique des ressources humaines: comparaisons internationales, Actes du collogue de l'Association Francaise de gestion des ressources humaines, CERGY 1991b.