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intr.v. col·lud·ed, col·lud·ing, col·ludes
To act together, often in secret, to achieve an illegal or improper purpose: "The managers and the union leaders regularly colluded to rob the plantations at the expense of the workers" (Daniel Wilkinson).

[Latin collūdere : com-, com- + lūdere, to play; see leid- in Indo-European roots.]

col·lud′er n.
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Kong Korm, a former close ally of Rainsy's at the Sam Rainsy Party and the CNRP, on Saturday also slammed Rainsy, saying he was a liar, protector of impunity, destroyer of Cambodia's democracy, a colluder with foreign powers, and delusional.
The state as colluder everyone is more or less familiar with, but since 2001-2004 the state's defensiveness has taken a new turn.
In these irrelevant tales, Clinton (or, as Sean Hannity called her on Monday, 'President Clinton') is the real colluder, working stealthily with the Russians to stay with us here destroy her own candidacy.
In effect, What Was Learned There refers to the artwork's refusal to accept the expected place or behavior of silent colluder, pretend forgetter, bystander, assistant to the abuser, restricted to a certain domestically respectable view of the home.
Trump figures if he is being blamed for his campaign's connections to the Russians, he'll distract attention by claiming Hillary Clinton is the actual colluder.
conspirator, or colluder with others in the illicit trafficking in any
In May 1937 the fascist appeaser/ colluder Neville Chamberlain became British Prime Minister.
Referring to a review decision of January 26, 2010, authored by Justice Javed Iqbal over the PCO issue, the Chief Justice said that his brother Judge had written It is the first instance of the Supreme Court stating in a categoric, loud and abundantly clear manner that military interventions are illegal and will hardly find any colluder in future within the judiciary.
A subject is defined as a tacit colluder only if he only bids on items that satisfy one of the following three criteria:
The Congress hit back at Prime Minister Modi, saying the 'real colluder' with Pakistan was the BJP, whose government gave Pakistani officials access to the country's top air force base in Pathankot after a terror attack there."If he (Modi) wants to fight the Gujarat elections in Pakistan, I want to ask who invited people from Pakistan's intelligence agency to come to one of India's most important defence bases in Pathankot," asked RS Surjewala, the spokesperson for the Congress.
Findlay, no stranger to winning the Scoop6 himself, and a regular colluder with Brocklebank over bonus races, said: "He is a mathematical genius and my hat goes off to him.
* based on the knowledge or reasonable belief of a consular officer or immigration officer, is engaging, or seeks to enter the United States to engage, in a federal offense of money laundering, or is or has been a knowing aider, abettor, assister, conspirator, or colluder with others in such an offense; or