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n. pl. col·lu·vi·ums or col·lu·vi·a (-vē-ə)
A loose deposit of rock debris accumulated through the action of gravity at the base of a cliff or slope.

[Latin, a collection of washings, dregs, from colluere, to wash thoroughly : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + -luere, to wash; see leu(ə)- in Indo-European roots.]

col·lu′vi·al adj.
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n, pl -via (-vɪə) or -viums
(Geological Science) a mixture of rock fragments from the bases of cliffs
[Latin: collection of filth, from colluere to wash thoroughly, from com- (intensive) + luere to wash]
colˈluvial adj
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(kəˈlu vi əm)

n., pl. -vi•a (-vi ə) -vi•ums.
loose earth material that has accumulated at the base of a slope; talus.
[1935–40; < Latin colluv-, base of colluere to rinse, wash out <lavere to wash; compare alluvium, deluge]
col•lu′vi•al, adj.
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These deposits acquire the characteristics of colluvium on the slopes and give rise to a dune relief in the paleoplain.
Regions underlain by unconsolidated Quaternary deposits of glacial, alluvial and lacustrine origin were transferred to nut base map from geologic maps (Huntting et al., 1961; Tabor, 1975) to represent provinces in which rock outcrops and rocky colluvium are rare.
As the result of this observation is seems to be possible to accurately determine fresh slides together with transport direction of colluvium sediment.
The Valley 384 m Parry Formation; Carboniferous sediments and Tertiary Basalt colluvium Property Soil type Fertiliser application l.
Because the failure plane of a slump lies beneath the surface, in either bedrock or colluvium (weathered material that has moved downslope), determination of the size or even the full extent of a slump can be difficult.
Headwall weathering and thickness of colluvium suggest a pre-LIA age.
Watersheds are affected by sediment mass budgets in which the important parameters are the inputs (erosion), intrabasinal storage (alluvium and colluvium), and the outputs (sediment yield).
High conductivity values in 1993 and during the same time period in 1994 suggest that the contribution of dissolved solids in the early season is derived from ion enrichment of snow meltwater that flows through colluvium and alluvium in the lower basin tributaries.
For poorly defined Cainozoic unconsolidated material, such as unqualified 'alluvium' or 'colluvium' for which their broad composition is unknown, lithological classes were allocated following reference to existing soil type maps.
At Rockvale, soils were developed from New England metasediments of the Sandon Beds, while at Newby Park, soils were developed from a mixture of New England Metasediments (Sandon Beds) and Tertiary Basalt colluvium from the unclassified Armidale volcanics.