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The failure of fetal fissure closure during ocular development in embryogenesis can result in orbital and ocular malformations including congenital cystic eye ("anophthalmia with cyst") and microphthalmos with cyst ("colobomatous cyst") [8-11].
Colobomatous microphthalmia, heart disease, hearing loss, and mental retardation-a syndrome.
If RD is secondary to retinal breaks outside the colobomatous area, it can be treated by scleral buckling; however, when the coloboma is etiologically responsible for RD5 management options are different6.
Other differentials in our case include sarcoidosis [11], tuberculosis [12], colobomatous dysplasia of anterior uvea [13], and fungal and parasitic infections.
In fundus examination, bilateral chorioretinal colobomatous areas in the lower half of the retina, including the inferior margin of the optic discs were observed.
There may be other associated colobomatous defects in the eye (choroid, retina, optic nerve, lens and eyelid).