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1. A tendril-bearing Old World vine (Citrullus colocynthis) bearing yellowish, green-mottled fruits the size of small lemons.
2. The fruit of this plant, whose dried, bitter, spongy pulp is a very strong laxative. In both senses also called bitter apple.

[Latin colocynthis, from Greek kolokunthis, from kolokunthē, round gourd.]


1. (Plants) a cucurbitaceous climbing plant, Citrullus colocynthis, of the Mediterranean region and Asia, having bitter-tasting fruit
2. (Pharmacology) the dried fruit pulp of this plant, used as a strong purgative
German name: bitter apple
[C17: from Latin colocynthis, from Greek kolokunthis, from kolokunthē gourd, of obscure origin]


(ˈkɒl ə sɪnθ)

1. Also called bitter apple. a Mediterranean and S Asian plant, Citrullus colocynthis, of the gourd family, bearing a round, yellow or green fruit with a bitter pulp.
2. a drug derived from the pulp of the fruit, used as a purgative.
[1555–65; < Latin colocynthis < Greek kolokynthís, variant of kolókyntha bitter gourd]
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The bitter is indeed to come," said the countess; "and such bitter that colocynth is sweet and oleander toothsome in comparison.
Citrullus colocynth (22,34) is found scattered in the sandy soil of desert plains bearing green and yellow round gourd included in Cucurbitaceae family.
The most recommended products from the above-mentioned traditional herbalists were walnut distillate, fenugreek, and colocynth.
In fact, during our investigation, herbalists have reported a risk of toxic effects when talking about colocynth (Citruiius coiocynthis), oleander (Nerium oleander) and spurge (Euphorbia resinifera).
colocynthis (Cucurbitaceae), commonly known as the colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd, egusi or vine of Sodom, is a desert vine plant native to the Mediterranean Basin and Asia.
I have swallowed the bitter colocynth of wisdom to its dregs.
after 400/1010) refers to kinaya as a non-linguistic sign: al-'Anbari sent a purse with thorns and another with sand and a colocynth (hanzala) to his people, meaning "the Banu Hanzala will come to you in great numbers, like the abundance of sand and thorns.
Colocynth flowers (Cucurbitaceae) Colchicum luteum Surinjan talkh, Small annual with Baker Meadow Saffron root tuber & (Colchicaceae) yellow flowers Consolida ambigua Larkspur Erectannual herb (L.
Thanks to the miracle of electronics and silicon, one finds that "Citrullus colocynthis, commonly known as the colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, egusi, or vine of Sodom (I beg your pardon