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A small, relatively thin column, often used for decoration or to support an arcade.

[French, diminutive of colonne, column, from Old French columpne, from Latin columna; see kel- in Indo-European roots.]
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Jessup's chapter is perhaps unnecessarily encyclopedic in its description of the centuries preceding the empire, but the chapter admirably draws connections between text and image: Readers get a crash course in architectural history, though they are left to their own devices to determine the precise meanings of terms such as false story, lintel, and colonette. (The quincunx scheme of tower architecture, used at Angkor Wat and elsewhere, however, is clearly described.)
Access is through the Tudor arched front door which is adorned with carved stone leaves and marble colonettes. The vestibule has a tiled .oor and trefoil windows.
Outside carries an effortless opulence - raised surrounds, colonettes with Corinthian capitals, along with raised pilasters, quoins and keystones.