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A shantytown inhabited mainly by speakers of Spanish and located in the United States near the border with Mexico.

[American Spanish, neighborhood, from Spanish, colony, from Latin colōnia; see colony.]
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I at first attributed this to some change in the nature of the soil, but the inhabitants assured me that here, as well as in Banda Oriental, where there is as great a difference between the country round Monte Video and the thinly-inhabited savannahs of Colonia, the whole was to be attributed to the manuring and grazing of the cattle.
Joining Diaz in the women's side are Mary Flor Diaz (-45kgs), Ellen Rose Perez (-49kgs), Margaret Colonia (-59kgs), Elreen Ann and (-64kgs), and Kristel Macrohon (-71kgs).
La investigacion de Celeste De Marco reconstruye historicamente la creacion y primeras decadas de funcionamiento de la colonia agricola 17 de octubre(La Capilla)situada en el area rural del partido de Florencio Varela y dedicada a la produccion horticola intensiva.
From August 2018, guests will be able to freshen up with a range of products featuring the iconic, citrus fragrance of the first true Italian eau de cologne from Acqua di Parma, Colonia.
Founded in 1916 in the historic city of Parma, and part of the LVMH Group since 2001, Acqua Di Parma has worked closely with Etihad Airways to tailor its unique products to each stage of the guest experience, on the ground and in the air, using its signature Colonia, a perfume with a formula which has remained unchanged for 102 years, along with a selection of additional fragrances in The Residence.
Nestor Colonia failed to make the podium finish during the men's 56-kilogram division at MITEC.
No presente trabalho iremos analisar o discurso propagado sobre a imigracao italiana no periodo das festividades dos 100 anos da imigracao italiana na Quarta Colonia. O quarto nucleo de colonizacao italiana no Rio Grande do Sul, conhecida como Colonia Silveira Martins, recebeu seus primeiros imigrantes italianos a partir de 1877, fixando-se primeiramente em lotes de terras proximos a sede (1877), em Arroio Grande (1877) e Vale Veneto (1878).