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Adj.1.colonised - inhabited by colonists
inhabited - having inhabitants; lived in; "the inhabited regions of the earth"
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Wollaston have communicated to me a remarkable fact bearing on this subject; namely, that Madeira and the adjoining islet of Porto Santo possess many distinct but representative land-shells, some of which live in crevices of stone; and although large quantities of stone are annually transported from Porto Santo to Madeira, yet this latter island has not become colonised by the Porto Santo species: nevertheless both islands have been colonised by some European land-shells, which no doubt had some advantage over the indigenous species.
For Alpine species, excepting in so far as the same forms, chiefly of plants, have spread widely throughout the world during the recent Glacial epoch, are related to those of the surrounding lowlands;--thus we have in South America, Alpine humming-birds, Alpine rodents, Alpine plants, &c., all of strictly American forms, and it is obvious that a mountain, as it became slowly upheaved, would naturally be colonised from the surrounding lowlands.
For the Cyclopes have no ships, nor yet shipwrights who could make ships for them; they cannot therefore go from city to city, or sail over the sea to one another's country as people who have ships can do; if they had had these they would have colonised the island, {78} for it is a very good one, and would yield everything in due season.
In this happy retreat are colonised a few clear-starchers, a sprinkling of journeymen bookbinders, one or two prison agents for the Insolvent Court, several small housekeepers who are employed in the Docks, a handful of mantua-makers, and a seasoning of jobbing tailors.
The area had many indigenous trees of the acacia species, which give honey a unique taste," explained the farmer, who currently has over 80 fully colonised beehives.But over the years, the farmer observed that bee population rapidly declined in the area that one can install 100 beehives but only three will be colonised after six months.
"In colonial conquest, language did to the mind what the sword did to the bodies of the colonised."
Meanwhile, the North Korean media also called on Japan to apologise and compensate for the exploitation of the island country when it was colonised by the latter.
The sterilized plug dowels are fully colonised by pure mushroom mycelium and by inserting them into pre-drilled holes, mushroom mycelium can be encouraged to grow and colonise the wood.
Britain, with brutal and violent oppression, colonised over 57 countries, mostly in the 16th/17th centuries.