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n. Architecture
1. A series of columns placed at regular intervals.
2. A structure composed of columns placed at regular intervals.

[French, alteration of colonnate, from Italian colonnato, from colonna, column, from Latin columna; see kel- in Indo-European roots.]

col′on·nad′ed adj.
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Adj.1.colonnaded - having a series of columns arranged at regular intervals
columned - having or resembling columns; having columns of a specified kind (often used as a combining form); "a columned portico"; "trees with columned trunks"; "white-columned houses"
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[ˌkɒləˈneɪdɪd] adj [building] → à colonnade
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The applications are not significant in themselves but getting them approved is." A council report states: "The provision of the albeit-reduced linear water feature and adjacent colonnaded public realm and timber boardwalk still has the potential to become an exciting and popular part of the public realm on offer in this part of the city." Merepark must relocate a hidden Network Rail depot used by the rail firm around Newington slightly further west along the underground train route.
So ignore your rumbling tum while you stroll around the Plaza's 16th Century colonnaded terraces and crane your neck to see the palatial Casa de la Panaderia - named after the bakery it replaced back in 1590.
At five storeys high, the 32,000sq ft facility is set to have a dramatic visual impact upon the northern entrance to the town centre and will feature a transparent facade and a new colonnaded walkway.
A spokesman for the museum said, 'Excavations at the fortress baths complex have revealed a large colonnaded court yard, or palestra, for open-air exercise and games.
The enclosed rooms are separated by small gardens, but tied together to the west by a long colonnaded veranda that runs the whole length of the building.
The rich cotton traders and plantation owners built themslves colonnaded mansions reminiscent of Tara in Gone With the Wind, with white walls and Corinthian pillars.
1744-47, exquisitely boring: empty, the gray-green of storm clouds, it depicts neglected clefts of trees, an attenuated fountain, a low colonnaded structure in the distance, and a vague staircase leading, if anywhere, only to the recesses of what cannot be known.
The imposing colonnaded building housing its main stage, a stone's throw from Red Square and the Kremlin, only reopened last year after a long renovation dogged by accusations of waste and corruption.
A colonnaded corridor takes shoppers around the place.
THE Ideal Home Show, which starts on Friday, is famous for its superb show homes - and to give it even more impact this year the star attractions are three stunning homes set around a green space with a town square, pub, colonnaded boulevards and gardens.
It holds onto a distinctive Regency style, carefully understated with some classic features, notably a wonderful prominent, colonnaded porch with arched entrance.