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 (kō-lŏn′ə-skōp′, kə-)
A long flexible endoscope, often equipped with a device for obtaining tissue samples, that is used for visual examination of the colon. Also called coloscope.


(Medicine) an instrument for examining the colon, consisting of a flexible lighted tube that is inserted in the colon to look for abnormalities and to remove them or take tissue samples
[C20: from colon2 + -o- + -scope]
colonoscopy n


(koʊˈlɒn əˌskoʊp, kə-)
See under colonoscopy.
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Noun1.colonoscope - an elongated fiberoptic endoscope for examining the entire colon from cecum to rectum
endoscope - a long slender medical instrument for examining the interior of a bodily organ or performing minor surgery
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Also, if a severely fixed, angulated sigmoid colon was encountered, a final backup option was available--that of switching to a thinner-diameter pediatric colonoscope than the original (Dig.
Advancing the colonoscope displaces the colon and stretches the surrounding tissue, a phenomenon known as looping.
Food and Drug Administration of the company's new C20[TM] colonoscopy system including the SC20[TM] single-use colonoscope.
Sightline is focused on commercializing and further developing the FDA-cleared ColonoSight(R) system, a colonoscope with a disposable ColonoSleeve(R) tube and sheath, which is used for diagnosing and treating abnormalities in the large intestine.
The endoscopist observes the forward and retrograde video images simultaneously on a split-screen monitor while the colonoscope is withdrawn through the length of the colon.
The system is designed to enhance physician control of the colonoscope and to eliminate looping, the principle reason why conventional colonoscopy procedures are painful, time consuming, and difficult.
Invitation to tender: procurement subject endoscopic equipment for the department of medicine, university hospital holy spiritthe group first gastroscopy - 1 set group second colonoscope - 1 set
The company's flagship product is the Aer-O-Scopee Colonoscope System, the only colonoscope with a 360Eu omni-directional view for colon cancer screening.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Medical Equipments Video Colonoscope System Qty 1 Set
In early November, Flexpoint made a partial delivery of the colonoscope product for Haemoband Surgical, Ltd.
a colonoscope device, when used with a 2L polyethylene glycol + ascorbate components bowel preparation, may improve the adenoma detection rate (ADR), which may reduce the development of colorectal cancer, avoid treatment costs and reduce mortality.
Zutron also specializes in colonoscope stiffening devices, enzymatic detergents and the RTU Foaming Enzymatic System.