color constancy

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Noun1.color constancy - the tendency for a color to look the same under widely different viewing conditions
perceptual constancy, constancy - (psychology) the tendency for perceived objects to give rise to very similar perceptual experiences in spite of wide variations in the conditions of observation
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Solvent extracted paraffinic oils are normally 90-95 VI oils that have high flash points, good color constancy, low volatility, and a saturate level of 75-93 VI.
This enables us to offer our customers unprecedented process control and color constancy on transparent or metalized printing stocks.
Levafix ECO Black is a neutral black shade with a superior level of color constancy between daylight and artificial light sources.
Schettini, "Automatic color constancy algorithm selection and combination," Pattern Recognition, vol.
Color is a diacritical and synthetic production of meaning based on selection and combination, whereas color constancy uses the unchanging ratios between surfaces to create the useful fiction of stability.
The 80 papers consider such topics as combining color constancy and gamma correction for image enhancement, haptic guidance using primitives for executing virtual robotic tasks, a neighborhood hybrid structure for optimizing mechanical properties of a microalloyed steel based on its chemical composition, the robust fractional digital control of a first-order plus integrator process, an experimental platform of a physical model for a quadrotor helicopter, a simulation model to solve the forward problem in acoustic reflectometry, and three basic geometries of rings containing microstrip antennas.
Color constancy obtains whenever we perceive the color of an object to be invariant across changes in its illumination conditions.
The SCV offers users the ability to verify the color constancy of a sample under different lighting conditions.
This provides an instant visual demonstration of the color constancy of the sample and assists in the selection of colors and colorants that achieve the overall goal of the designer.
This inherent ability of color adaptation by adjusting the spectral response and discounting the illuminant changes is known as human color constancy [6, 7].
This apparent manipulation of the pollinator color constancy creates potential costs for the foragers.