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tr.v. col·or-cod·ed, col·or-cod·ing, col·or-codes
To color, as wires or papers, according to a code for easy identification.
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v.t. -cod•ed, -cod•ing.
to distinguish or classify by a system of colored marks, labels, etc.
col′or code`, n.
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Colordyne Technologies (CDT) has announced its new Color-Code Me program, a system that simplifies the use of color to highlight information and data as a powerful tool in business supply chains and logistics operations.
Color-Code Me is designed as an affordable alternative to industrial thermal bar code label printers.
Customers will pre-qualify their ink and printhead needs by utilizing the Color-Code Me website, found through CDT's homepage.
Mike Doering, the executive director of the Camp Hill-based Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, which helped to publicize the color-code initiative in that state, said his group is on the verge of approaching the state's Department of Health with the idea of getting the state to regulate the idea.
Doering said that, to date, about 50 out of about 240 Pennsylvania hospitals have gone to the color-code system, which includes a green code for patients allergic to latex.
It took about an hour to color-code a 12-page double-spaced story, she says.
Dual layer color-coded eliminates any concern that a critical sample stream could be contaminated by pigments used to color-code the tubing.
The color-code and keying provide an easily recognizable system for accurate and quick connections on medical equipment.
Color-code each cloud: low-level, dark gray; medium-level, light gray; high-level, light blue.
The first step in generating the relief is to color-code various areas of the artwork that are to be represented in relief.