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tr.v. col·or-cod·ed, col·or-cod·ing, col·or-codes
To color, as wires or papers, according to a code for easy identification.


v.t. -cod•ed, -cod•ing.
to distinguish or classify by a system of colored marks, labels, etc.
col′or code`, n.
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Enhanced derogatory record analysis - Release 3 displays an applicant's public records from credit bureaus in an easy-to-read, color-coded table format, allowing ease of investigation.
The color-coded forecasts show whether air quality is likely to be good (green), moderate (yellow), unhealthy for sensitive groups (orange), or unhealthy (red).
With more than 40 blends available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties, the new Millstone packaging is color-coded to allow for easy distinction between flavored (blue), non-flavored (burgundy), decaffeinated (green) and organic, socially responsible (light-green) varieties.
A color-coded overlay of colleagues' calendars identifies common available meeting times making it easy for users to avoid scheduling conflicts.
The Panasonic KV-S1025C scanner is ideally suited for any application with two-sided and/or color-coded forms or cards requirements," Franke said.
Kids simply plug the three-octave piano keyboard, with color-coded keys, into the TV to create a plug and play piano system.
Learning Resources' kits for ELLs and Spanish-speakers were developed as part of the company's award-winning Reading Rods(R) line, a scientifically proven supplemental reading program that combines color-coded, interlocking rods imprinted with letters, consonants and other elements of reading with related components such as activity books and cards.
The NSK535R features "rainbow" keys, which have been color-coded to correspond to specific computer functions.
The new kits incorporate Reading Rods(R), Learning Resources' scientifically-proven, interactive and hands-on supplemental reading program that combines color-coded, interlocking rods with instruction and activity materials.
Users can view color-coded metrics and set thresholds across one or more software projects at the same time.
Priced at just $79US per server per month, ManageView collects comprehensive server data such as server uptime, CPU memory and hard disk usage over a secure Internet connection, and graphically presents these key server performance indicators on the easy-to-read color-coded ManageView Dashboard - providing IT administrators with all the data required to ensure maximum server performance.
has signed an exclusive agreement to embed the Broselow-Luten color-coded pediatric system into the company's Ibex PulseCheck emergency department information system (EDIS) to standardize and simplify decisions around patient care in the ED.