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1. Seemingly genuine or legally valid: a colorable claim of innocence.
2. Capable of being colored: colorable drawings.

col′or·a·bil′i·ty n.
col′or·a·bly adv.


(ˈkʌl ər ə bəl)

1. capable of being colored.
2. seemingly valid; plausible.
3. pretended.
col′or•a•bly, adv.
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Any attempt to characterize an action as assembly that could colorably be characterized as speech would be, at best, a waste of time.
History will judge Noynoy for any decision he made within the scope of his duties, even if merely colorably within it.
restaurants--which colorably involve an ambient experience unlike food
2d DCA 1994)--do not even colorably impose a materiality requirement.
The Court of Claims agreed that it lacked the power to resolve the issue of the letter and the decoration, but it found that the vacation of his temporary appointment to two-star rank and his reduced retirement pay as a brigadier general did "colorably involve money" and consequently gave the court jurisdiction over these issues.
The court also concluded the royalty should be paid for 15 years from the date that an agreement between Bianco and Globus should have been reached in 2007 and that the royalty was owed on all products "not colorably different" from those at issue in the litigation.
His questions at oral argument suggested that he was open to reforming the FOTM presumption, but perhaps he was simply committed to finding a compromise that appeared to be "doing something." Chief Justice Roberts's opinion makes clear that he was looking for any changes to be at least colorably consistent with Basic, so that he could not be accused of overruling prior precedent.
In a filing Saturday, Apple said it was not asking the court to bar entire product lines from the marketplace, but for an injunction that proposes to stop Samsung from further use of the specific features that the jury found to infringe Apple's three patents, and those features not more than "colorably different."
Reports have further added that Apple has also sought for a sales ban against 'software or code capable of implementing any infringing feature, and/or any feature not more than colorably different therefrom'that could include newer phones and tablets.
They may take aggressive tax positions with respect to certain kinds of transactions or return positions that they have; but, by and large, what they are doing is, at a minimum, colorably legal.
When, if ever, could a private party colorably allege a redressable injury-in-fact to challenge special interest spending that benefitted someone else?
Yet, if the rules against creditor intervention are too weak (e.g., if every creditor intervention colorably connected to the creditor's loan agreement were fair game for creditor action), then excessive creditor intervention of the wrong kind could induce inefficient shutdowns and excessive value shifts to the favored creditor.