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Something, especially a dye, pigment, ink, or paint, that colors or modifies the hue of something else.
Of or being a subtractive primary color.
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(ˈkʌlərənt) or


(Dyeing) any substance that imparts colour, such as a pigment, dye, or ink; colouring matter
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(ˈkʌl ər ənt)

something used as a coloring matter; pigment; dye.
[1880–85; < French, present participle of colorer < Latin colōrāre to color]
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Something that imparts color:
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Today, annatto ranks second in economic importance worldwide among all natural colors and it is the most frequently used natural colorant in the food industry.
Chromaflo Technologies announced the release of a new black colorant, the latest addition to its thermoset product line.
Q How Can I Improve the Colorant Acceptance of My Paints?
has developed beta-carotene colorant formulations, Lyc-O-Beta Intense and BetaCote Intense, which are designed to deliver increased color intensity and allow for lower colorant usage.
Table 5--List of Colorants and Corresponding Cl Pigments Used in This Study Colorant [Low-VOC/Zero-VOC) Cl Pigment Name (Pigment) 1921/8821N Phthalo Green PG7 (Phthalocyanine Green) 1982/8882N Magenta PR122 (Quinacridone) 1977/8878N Yellow Oxide PY42 (Yellow Iron Oxide) 1935/8835N Red Oxide PR101 (Rod Iron Oxide) 1913/8813N Yellow PY74 (Monoaryllde Yellow) 1991/8891N Lamp Black PBK7 (Carbon Black) 1932/8832N Phthalo Blue PB15:2 (Phthalocyanine Blue) Rheology Characterization
Here, we describe the first study in which SSSP is used as a one-step solid-state compounding process that intimately mixes and uniformly disperses colorant in a polymer matrix [10].
The biosynthesis of natural colorants from fungi could ensure that colorant production is accomplished under controlled conditions in bioreactors that make the colorant manufacturer independent from the external, seasonal supply of raw materials.
The metal salts that are stated to be water soluble and which are treated in the scope of this research are colorant solutions of chloride, sulphate and nitrate.
Abstract Oxyethylene (PEO)/oxypropylene (PPO) triblock polymers are added to colorant formulations to determine the influence of molecular weight and other structural variances on the rheology and color development of tinted latex paints.
* Utilizes a plunger system that controls the disbursement of colorant onto wood materials.