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Something, especially a dye, pigment, ink, or paint, that colors or modifies the hue of something else.
Of or being a subtractive primary color.


(ˈkʌlərənt) or


(Dyeing) any substance that imparts colour, such as a pigment, dye, or ink; colouring matter


(ˈkʌl ər ənt)

something used as a coloring matter; pigment; dye.
[1880–85; < French, present participle of colorer < Latin colōrāre to color]
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Something that imparts color:
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Therefore, changes in colorant will often require formulation changes in the base paint.
Q How Can I Improve the Colorant Acceptance of My Paints?
Rising consumer awareness for natural ingredients is expected to drive natural colorant demand over the next six years.
PolyOne Corporation today announced the appointment of Uniflon Performance Additives as distributor of its Colorant Chromatics high-temperature polymer formulation and colorant solutions in Brazil.
has developed beta-carotene colorant formulations, Lyc-O-Beta Intense and BetaCote Intense, which are designed to deliver increased color intensity and allow for lower colorant usage.
The tint bases were then tinted with six different conventional colorant dispersions and six low-VOC counterparts of the same colorants.
Here, we employ a novel, continuous, industrially scalable process known as solid-state shear pulverization (SSSP) to disperse colorant materials in a polymer matrix prior to molding.
The colorant and ink combination allows users to choose from a wide range of color options for their final commercial product.
The biosynthesis of natural colorants from fungi could ensure that colorant production is accomplished under controlled conditions in bioreactors that make the colorant manufacturer independent from the external, seasonal supply of raw materials.
The metal salts that are stated to be water soluble and which are treated in the scope of this research are colorant solutions of chloride, sulphate and nitrate.
Abstract Oxyethylene (PEO)/oxypropylene (PPO) triblock polymers are added to colorant formulations to determine the influence of molecular weight and other structural variances on the rheology and color development of tinted latex paints.