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 (kŭl′ər-ə-to͝or′ə, -tyo͝or′ə)
n. Music
1. The ornamentation of music written for the voice with florid passages, especially trills and runs.
2. Vocal music characterized by florid ornamental passages.
3. A singer, especially a soprano, specializing in such ornamentation.

[Obsolete Italian, from Late Latin colōrātūra, coloring, from Latin colōrātus, past participle of colōrāre, to color, from color, color; see color.]


(ˌkɒlərəˈtʊərə) or


1. (Classical Music)
a. (in 18th- and 19th-century arias) a florid virtuoso passage
b. (as modifier): a coloratura aria.
2. (Classical Music) Also called: coloratura soprano a lyric soprano who specializes in such music
[C19: from obsolete Italian, literally: colouring, from Latin colōrāre to colour]


(ˌkʌl ər əˈtʊər ə, -ˈtyʊər ə, ˌkɒl-, ˌkoʊl-)

n., pl. -ras.
1. runs, trills, and other florid decorations in vocal music.
2. a lyric soprano of high range who specializes in such music.
[1730–40; < Italian < Late Latin: literally, coloring. See color, -ate1, -ure]
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Noun1.coloratura - a lyric soprano who specializes in coloratura vocal music
soprano - a female singer
2.coloratura - singing with florid ornamentation
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music


[ˌkɒlərəˈtʊərə] N
1. (= passage) → coloratura f
2. (= singer) → soprano f de coloratura


(= music) → colorature f
(= singer) → colorature f
modif [soprano] → colorature; [technique, aria] → de colorature; [role] → de colorature


nKoloratur f
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A performance of the Donizetti warhorse stands or falls with the heroine, and OY was fortunate to have in soprano Allison Arends a vocally fresh and engaging Lucia, offering lovely tone and good coloratura.
But the Rosina of Helen Sherman is simply tremendous, her coloratura as spectacular as lightning, her command of register imperious, and her sheer stage-presence compelling.
The unique, abstract Coloratura is evocative of a watercolor painting and uses a tapestry construction to feature four yarn colors that create distinctive areas.
The one-and-a-half hour show began with the world premiere of Rami Khalife's Requiem in which famous Korean coloratura soprano Whal-ran Seo thrilled the audience with the some of the highest notes.
However, conductor Alan Brierley drove the pace of coloratura choruses beyond the comfort zone of the choir and 'His yolk is easy' neither matched the choir's natural pace nor the meaning of the words.
Her control of the music, by composers including Handel, Porpora and Caldara, was incredible as she performed coloratura so fine you could imagine them smashing a glass.
Dame Joan Dame Norma praised her gifts today and said: "For me and countless others she was the greatest coloratura soprano of the 20th century.
Luciano Pavarotti proclaimed hers "the voice of the century," while to English-speaking opera goers she was "The Incomparable" for her mastery of coloratura - the ability to effortlessly sing difficult trills and rapid passages in high registers.
This sense of drama can be communicated by ravishing coloratura as in the aria from Judith triumphans, or in the long-drawn-out wistfulness of the superb nine-minute scene from the opera Farnace (track 4 - Gelido in ogni vena).
Beverly Sills, acclaimed Brooklyn-born coloratura soprano and popular opera singer, died July 2, 2007.
In arias from three operas -- ``Ariodante,'' ``Giulio Cesare'' and ``Arianna in Creta'' -- Kirchschlager, an Austrian, touches both the ground and the stratosphere with a voice that's equally at home in straightforward dramatic statement and ornate coloratura.
The afternoon program will feature acclaimed jazz and classical violinist, Diane Monroe, who has performed with Yo-Yo Ma and Max Roach; outstanding lyric soprano, Lisa Edwards-Burrs, guest soloist with the Richmond, Roanoke and Petersburg Symphonies and avid performer of works of African-American composers; and the exquisite coloratura soprano, Iris Fairfax, Academy of Vocal Arts alumna and first-prize winner of New York Vocal Artists Millennium and Leontyne Price competitions.