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1. Any of various instruments used to determine or specify colors, as by comparison with spectroscopic or visual standards.
2. An instrument that measures the concentration of a known constituent of a solution by comparison with colors of standard solutions of that constituent.

col′or·i·met′ric (-ər-ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
col′or·i·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
col′or·im′e·try n.
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1. (General Physics) Also called: tintometer an apparatus for determining the concentration of a solution of a coloured substance by comparing the intensity of its colour with that of a standard solution or with standard colour slides
2. (General Physics) any apparatus for measuring the quality of a colour by comparison with standard colours or combinations of colours
colorimetric, ˌcoloriˈmetrical adj
ˌcoloriˈmetrically adv
ˌcolorˈimetry n
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(ˌkʌl əˈrɪm ɪ tər)

a device that analyzes color by measuring a given color in terms of a standard color, a scale of colors, or certain primary colors.
col•or•i•met•ric (ˌkʌl ər əˈmɛ trɪk) adj.
col`or•i•met′ri•cal•ly, adv.
col`or•im′e•try, n.
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Noun1.colorimeter - a measuring instrument used in colorimetric analysis to determine the quantity of a substance from the color it yields with specific reagents
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Summary: MRRSE Insights offers an 8-year forecast for the Colorimeter Market between 2019 and 2027.
Within the colorimeter, the transmissive filters that create the XYZ tristimulus functions have spectral imperfections and will need to improve to make the colour measurement more accurate.
In order to standardize the color hue measurement process, simple analysis techniques have been developed, such as digital image analysis, which have overcome the deficiencies of the most commonly used methodologies in postharvest, namely the ones which use visual scales or a colorimeter (Mendoza; AGUILERA, 2004; DARRIGUES et al., 2008).
By inventing a specialized reagent delivery system (Chemkey Reagents) and combining an electrochemistry meter and colorimeter into one instrument, users can now test up to six water quality parameters simultaneously, with improved accuracy, in a fraction of the time needed before.
An Intuitive Colorimeter assessment took place and, following this, Alex was prescribed glasses with a precision tint applied to the lenses.
Hach Co.'s DR 900 Handheld Colorimeter allows for quick and easy access to a user's most used Rug testing methods, and is field ready in every way possible.
Two momarsa for the supply of (a) a three dimension instrument to measure PIV - Particle Image Velocimitry, also (b) two instruments including a DSC - differential scanning colorimeter & a two channels type chromatograph system.
A low-cost and portable colorimeter kit has been designed and developed as an educational tool at Penn State University by Dr.
In today's industry there are two main technology types that are used to measure the colour and appearance of plastics, the colorimeter and the spectrophotometer.
In vivo measurement of maxillary anterior teeth with a colorimeter showed that; 1) tooth color was best represented by its middle third, 2) women's teeth in general were lighter, less chromatic, and less reddish colored than men's, 3) aging produced darker and more reddish teeth 4) cuspid teeth were darker than central or lateral incisors, and 5) central incisors had the highest lightness.