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1. Any of various instruments used to determine or specify colors, as by comparison with spectroscopic or visual standards.
2. An instrument that measures the concentration of a known constituent of a solution by comparison with colors of standard solutions of that constituent.

col′or·i·met′ric (-ər-ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
col′or·i·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
col′or·im′e·try n.
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Adj.1.colorimetric - of or relating to colorimetry
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Immunoassays and colorimetric tests: Immunoassays and colorimetric assays have been the most popular and conventional diagnostic tests used for rapid detection of infections.
The free Quick Measure version of the software provides the same colorimetric results as a fully licensed version of SpotOn!
This device can now measure the increasingly important parameter of light flicker in addition to the extensive range of standard photometric and colorimetric values already available.
These analyzers are an automated photometric instrument capable of attaining accurate and precise enzymatic, colorimetric and electrochemical measurements and quickly performing a comprehensive range of tests.
The selectivity was further supported by competitive colorimetric studies, displaying a sharp visible color change upon the addition of sulfate to the fluoride complex of L.
These colorimetric methods are especially promising in the analysis of [Hg.sup.2+] with their naked eye or UV-Vis applications, due to their high extinction coefficients and the interparticle distance-dependent optical properties.
For many years, the basic analytical method being used to determine the concentration of aluminum in industrial wastewater was the colorimetric analysis.
Investigating the colorimetric and photometric characteristics of LCDs, which include their major optical components, such as crossed polarizers, liquid crystals, color filters, and backlight modules, is interesting [12-14].
The Endress+Hauser Liquiline CA80TP phosphorus analyzer uses a thermal digestion technique, along with colorimetric analysis requiring a small quantity of reagents, to monitor industrial wastewater; it measures phosphorus in ranges from 0.05 to 10mg/L or 0.5 to 50mg/L.
This analytical tool allows for quick concentration measurement and detection of protein, nitrite ion concentration, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and DNA through colorimetric assays or reagents.
The two analytes C-reactive proteins (CRP) and zinc are measured by turbidimetric and colorimetric principles, respectively.