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Adj.1.colorimetrical - of or relating to colorimetry
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Total lipid content was determined colorimetrically according to Pande et al.
So, this study indicated that test strips of XQN had the potential to detect Zn2+ colorimetrically and fluorimetrically in solid state as well.
Activity of catalase was assessed colorimetrically as per the procedure of Sinha.
NH3-N concentrations were determined colorimetrically (HI 96733 ion selective meter, Hanna Instruments).
The aptasensor was tested in the presence of control protein, which did not respond colorimetrically. The specific dictated aggregation of gold nanorods by target biomolecule encourages utilization of these nanostructure for fabrication of a new generation of lab-in-a-vial technique based on gold nanotechnology.
Serum triglycerides determined colorimetrically with an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide.
We determined soluble calcium colorimetrically (Ca-Color, Wiener Laboratories S.A.I.C., Rosario, Argentina) on AG-CG cytosol, using an Agilent 8453 UV-visible spectrophotometer (Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA).
After cooling, the color developed was read colorimetrically at 540 nm.
Direct colorimetric examination of the as-fabricated small-diameter GFRTP wires was impossible; samples with a total width of at least 3 mm were needed for the color to be determined colorimetrically, as described later.
Relative expression levels are presented colorimetrically, according to the scale shown in the color bar.
The activity of lysosomal exoglycosidases was estimated colorimetrically by the method of Marciniak et al.