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1. A painter skilled in achieving special effects with color.
2. A hairdresser who specializes in dyeing hair.
3. An artist who adds color and shading to black-and-white art, as in a graphic novel or comic book.

col′or·is′tic adj.


(ˈkʌl ər ɪst)

1. a person who uses or works with color.
2. a hairdresser who colors women's hair.
col`or•is′tic, adj.
col`or•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.


an artist who uses color or who is distinguished by the way in which he uses color.
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Noun1.colorist - a painter able to achieve special effects with color
painter - an artist who paints
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We will showcase new water-borne hyper-dispersant technologies with improved coloristic and film property performance.
Inkpresso(r) brings together benefits that were unattainable so far in inkjet printing: Production flexibility, no shelf-life problems, a larger color spectrum and the possibility of an individual coloristic fingerprint.
Most probably this choice of themes has been inspired by the artist's childhood memories and his life in Latgale, and perhaps this also explains the coloristic qualities and sincerity of Zvejsalnieks' paintings.
Did the painter's specificity in rendering the coloristic ornaments of the cloths of angles and saints stem from a naturalistic attentiveness to the seventeenth-century surround?
In each of Shostakovich's symphonies with piano, the instrument produces percussive and coloristic effects, sometimes in fragmentary solos but most often within the larger ensemble.
Thus, the artist has tested the coloristic effects of chemical interactions between various natural substances--henna, copper, chamomile, turmeric, cochineal, quebracho, and indigo--on fabrics hung in close proximity to a blackboard (Untitled, 2016) with scraps of textile that could be rearranged by the visitor.
2, which brings the programme to a close, this was composed between 1814 and 1815, with the opening movement's initial theme based on Beethoven's overture to The Creatures of Prometheus -- which is said to show Beethoven exploiting instruments and coloristic orchestral effects that would never appear in his symphonies or serious dramatic overtures -- and the second movement being Schubert's only set of symphonic variations.
COLOUR BLACK FW 255 POWDER sets a new bar for high jetness, coloristic performance, and compatibility with both waterborne and solvent-borne systems.
Eventually, he developed a series of rules to enable it to compose coloristic harmonies, but he found this unsatisfactory.
Devoid of coloration, so distant from the ethnic chromatic temperament, these works based solely on passages of darks and lights, are surprisingly lively, never turning pallid, without adulterating the coloristic excitement of her other works.
music that demanded focus, compactness and subtle coloristic breadth;
The overture's light-weight approach to music drama, attesting to prior musical convention, hinted at the harmonic and coloristic changes Wagner later injected into his orchestral writing.