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A process by which color is digitally applied to black-and-white images.
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By retiming it to the modern standard of 24 frames per second, through painstaking colorization, and with the addition of voice acting and sound effects, he very nearly succeeds.
Lifelike colorization of black-and-white or drab images can become easy.
The actual colorization process can take as little as six hours for a simple individual portrait from a negative in good condition.
When we compare the postcards of Korea and Japan during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we are often drawn to the differences of not only the subjects but also their colorization.
(2015) Statistical Image Fusion for HR Band Colorization in Landsat Sensors.
"Concrete surfacing has unlimited design potential, from implementation to colorization," says Chameleon Power CEO Dan Dempsey.
Colorization has traditionally been done by Photoshop experts who spend hours upon hours researching colors and meticulously converting small portions of photos at a time.
Her recent colorization of the Auschwitz headshot of 14-year-old Czeslawa Kwoka went viral.
Due to the difference in the back materials of the phones, Apple had to use different red colorization processes for the two.
As an example of this synergy, Henkel points to its plans for the commercial introduction in 2018 of hair care and colorization products featuring its Fiber Plex Technology, first developed for salons.