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A process by which color is digitally applied to black-and-white images.
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In this study, we report our experience with the VRE bloodstream infections following gastrointestinal VRE colorizations for an 18-month period.
To complement these multi-perspective diptychs and triptychs, the exhibition includes canvases of pure abstraction, in a medley of colorizations that emphasizes texture to arouse an expression.
Most of the projects for these clients were restoration brick matching; however, there had been projects of massive colorizations solely to enhance the appearance of buildings.
The number of potential brick colorization jobs to be bid was growing faster than he could handle and the volume would only get worse as summer approached.
The business provided brick colorization and matching to homeowners and contractors at about one-tenth the cost of replacing the structure.
Indeed, editors were often impressed enough with the results of Nawkaw's brick colorization service to show recent projects on the cover and to devote feature articles to Nawkaw.
He had no problem finding workers for colorization work, which required at least ten years experience.
Neither Western nor Dee Brown had developed colorization techniques similar to those for which Nawkaw was known.
However, for its primary business of colorization, Nawkaw was one of a kind.
Moreover, franchisees had to purchase Nawkaw's colorization and waterproofing products so that quality and consistency could be guaranteed.
Through its national network of contacts, Nawkaw was well-known as the brick colorization specialists, and contractors knew of their quality and reputation.
Martin's matchmaker is very New York, very pragmatic, absolutely unswervable from her main aim, and, though she isn't an undisputed star along the lines of Ruth Gordon or Carol Channing, she nevertheless does a thoroughly sturdy job, not the least when laughing knowingly, bringing at least six different colorizations to the word "well" and eating and speaking clearly, at one and the same time.