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n. pl. co·los·co·pies


n (Med) → Koloskopie f


, coloscopy
n. colonoscopía, examen de la superficie interna del colon a través del colonoscopio.
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Two patients in the control group were rehospitalized because of pneumonia and coloscopy.
06155 Coloscopy done 2007 Observations, n No 33% Yes 67% Colocopy done 2009 No 21% Yes 79% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Then I had to have a coloscopy, where they looked more closely at my cervix and the results came back as severely abnormal.
rectal examination Sigmoidoscopy or Every 5 to 10 years at 50 to 75 years of coloscopy age.
So a senior Coventry doctor has urged women to attend a coloscopy during Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Week.