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n. pl. co·los·co·pies
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n (Med) → Koloskopie f
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, coloscopy
n. colonoscopía, examen de la superficie interna del colon a través del colonoscopio.
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All of the above results indicate the technical feasibility of EBL for the closure of colonic perforations that are not larger than 1.5 cm and suggest that EBL could be considered to be a salvage method for iatrogenic perforations that form during coloscopy after endoclip failure.
A further coloscopy and gastroscopy revealed only a Helicobacter pylori-negative gastritis.
The patient medical history showed many contributing factors [8] as an iatrogenic manipulation of the abdomen (She had a coloscopy 8 weeks before), colon angiodysplasia, malnutrition, and hiatal hernia.
Two patients in the control group were rehospitalized because of pneumonia and coloscopy. This difference was not significant, and the slightly higher rehospitalization in patients of the intervention group can be attributed to them being more affected.
Categorised histogram: Year x colposcopy done Chi-square (df=1) =3.50, p=0.06155 Coloscopy done 2007 Observations, n No 33% Yes 67% Colocopy done 2009 No 21% Yes 79% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Then I had to have a coloscopy, where they looked more closely at my cervix and the results came back as severely abnormal.