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Noun1.color chart - a chart displaying colorscolor chart - a chart displaying colors    
chart - a visual display of information
color circle, color wheel - a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle
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The first creative workshop, titled 'A Colour Chart of the Sea', will follow in the footsteps of traditional artists and allow participants to create their own colours by mixing different pigments from natural sources.
Rajitha Senaratne said yesterday that the gazette No 86 of 1980 to introduce a colour chart indicating the sugar levels in bottles of soft drink would be implemented from August 01.
This bizarre colour chart has been inspired by the landscapes of the Brecon Beacons.
Queen Elizabeth to return to Mersey News /Page 13 4 SATURDAY 21.05.16 extraFOOD PLUS: 16-page Property guide GREaT COLOUR CHART Bright style buys that will leave you in a summer daze Try a Big MACCA!
Paints containing natural pigments can vary in colour quite considerably from batch to batch, so if you're not going to buy tester pots, make sure all your paint comes from the same batch and check that it matches the colour chart before you use it.
Priced at 12 pounds each, the tube comes with a colour chart so men can work out how randy their partner is feeling.
ART: Last few days of Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour 1950 to Today, looking at artists' changing perception of colour over the past half century.
For more inspiration and information on spray-painting, including the super colour chart of 60 different colours and finishes, see www.plastikote.
It is accurate to [+ or -] 0.005 at 0.3 absorbency units (au) and resolution is 0.001au, removing the inaccurate results that using a comparator colour chart can give due to variations in operator eyesight or lighting conditions.
Q"Shakira - a seven on David Dickinson's colour chart. Or, as it is called, Ronseal Sheep Dip."
The cheeky TV Times report links each celeb to a colour chart straight from a paint catalogue to get their true shade of orange.