colour scheme

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colour scheme


color scheme

a planned combination or juxtaposition of colours, as in interior decorating
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Noun1.colour scheme - a planned combination of colorscolour scheme - a planned combination of colors; "the color scheme for this room was determined by an interior decorator"
combination - a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities
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colour scheme

color scheme (Am) ncombinazione f di colori
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(American) color (ˈkalə) noun
1. a quality which objects have, and which can be seen, only when light falls on them. What colour is her dress?; Red, blue and yellow are colours.
2. paint(s). That artist uses water-colours.
3. (a) skin-colour varying with race. people of all colours.
4. vividness; interest. There's plenty of colour in his stories.
(of photographs etc) in colour, not black and white. colour film; colour television.
to put colour on; to paint. They coloured the walls yellow.
ˈcoloured adjective
1. having colour. She prefers white baths to coloured baths.
2. belonging to a dark-skinned race. There are only two white families living in this street – the rest are coloured.
(sometimes used impolitely) a dark-skinned person especially of Negro origin.
ˈcolourful adjective
1. full of colour. a colourful pattern.
2. vivid and interesting. a colourful account of his experiences.
ˈcolouring noun
1. something used to give colour. She put pink colouring in the icing.
2. complexion. She had very high colouring (= a very pink complexion).
ˈcolourless adjective
1. without colour. Water is colourless.
2. not lively or interesting. a colourless young woman.
ˈcolours noun plural
1. the distinction of winning a place in the team in some sports. He won his cricket colours last season.
2. a flag. Army regiments salute the colours when on parade.
3. a tunic of certain colours worn by a jockey to show that his race-horse belongs to a certain person.
ˈcolour-blind adjective
unable to tell the difference between certain colours. As he was colour-blind he could not distinguish between red and green.
ˈcolour scheme noun
an arrangement or choice of colours in decorating a house etc.
ˌoff-ˈcolour adjective
not feeling well. He was a bit off-colour the morning after the party.
colour in
to put colour into (drawings etc). He coloured in all the oblong shapes on the page.
show oneself in one's true colours
to show or express one's real character, opinion etc. He pretends to be very generous but he showed himself in his true colours when he refused to give money to charity.
with flying colours
with great success. He passed his exam with flying colours.
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The manager, happening to notice the costume window as he came in, had sent for the buyer and made satirical remarks upon the colour scheme. Forced to submit in silence to his superior's sarcasm, Mr.
His Oxford remained Oxford empty, and he took into life with him, not the memory of a radiance, but the memory of a colour scheme.
A rangy, gangly, Scandinavian youth of a sailor, droop-shouldered, six feet six and slender as a lath, with pallid eyes of palest blue and skin and hair attuned to the same colour scheme, joined Kwaque in his work.
This unique study revealed precisely why people prefer certain colours - and can be a huge help in deciding what kind of colour scheme to go for when decorating.
The show model featured a bright red colour scheme with contrasting gloss black 20-inch wheels and a host of other accents in a stark black finish, exteriors with red callipers, blackened emblems and a new rear spoiler and interiors with bucket seating, sporty pedals, a new steering wheel design and Sparco seat belts also finished in a red and black colour scheme.
The CCP's inquiry established that Shainal Foods was imitating the logo, packaging, colour scheme and design of National Food's products, thus potentially harming its business interest as well as misleading the consumers.
Moreover, the colour scheme and design of the Shainal Foods' products was starkly similar to that of the National Foods' products, which was misleading the consumers.
Moreover, the colour scheme and design of its products were starkly similar to that of the National Foods' products, which was misleading consumers.
There are a number of other options, but rarely do you see colours that sit next to each other in formal colour scheme information, yet this is exactly what colour clashing schemes rely on.
TEXTURAL contrast is a really important element of a colour scheme. Everyone appreciates the importance of colour and pattern, yet texture can be used to introduce another important dimension by elevating a finished room scheme to one that is as interesting to the touch as it is to the eye.
Bright colours encourage alertness and happiness and will excite their imagination, so when it comes to perfecting a colour scheme you can experiment.
From tot to teen, this will enable you to change up the colour scheme, bedding, and accessories in years to come without spending a fortune.