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n. colporrafia, sutura de la vagina.
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Your 62-year-old patient presents 2 weeks after vaginal hysterectomy, uterosacral vault suspension, anterior and posterior colporrhaphy, and retropubic midurethral polypropylene sling placement.
Colporrhaphy anterior (CA) was additionally performed on 28 (32%) patients and colporrhaphy posterior (CP) was additionally performed on 4 (4.5%) patients during the operation.
Optimal primary minimally invasive treatment for patients with stress urinary incontinence and symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse: tension free slings with colporrhaphy, or Prolift with the tension free mid-urethral sling?
It is usually carried out along with perineoplasty and paravaginal repair,with or without an anterior colporrhaphy,to adress patient concerns of having a large or loose vagina.
Ballard, "Anterior colporrhaphy: A randomized trial of three surgical techniques," American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, vol.
A randomised study on 389 women compared Prolift mesh kit with native tissue for repair of cystocele by anterior colporrhaphy. 11 The study results revealed that mesh improved anatomical outcomes, but pain and sexual function were not statistically different between groups.
A variety of surgical techniques have been described for rectocele treatment including posterior colporrhaphy, transanal or transperineal repair, and abdominal approaches, and posterior colporrhaphy is the most common used surgical technique, currently.
Native tissue, suture-based reconstructive repairs of the vagina include apical procedures, such as SSLS and USLS, in addition to anterior colporrhaphy and posterior repair.
Anterior compartment prolapse was classically treated by anterior colporrhaphy, which corrects defects in the pubocervical fascia to provide support to the anterior vaginal wall and thus correct a so-called central defect cystocele.
Considering the finding, anterior colpotomy, tumor enucleation and colporrhaphy were performed.
In March 2015, an anterior colporrhaphy and posterior perineoplasty were also performed to correct a cystocele.
We selected patients to follow-up, who underwent transvaginal total hysterectomy plus colporrhaphy anterior-posterior surgery about 3 years ago.