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1. Relating to or suggestive of a colt.
2. Lively and playful; frisky.

colt′ish·ly adv.
colt′ish·ness n.


1. inexperienced; unruly
2. playful and lively
ˈcoltishly adv
ˈcoltishness n


(ˈkoʊl tɪʃ)

1. playful; frolicsome.
2. of, pertaining to, or resembling a colt.
3. not trained or disciplined; unruly; wild.
colt′ish•ly, adv.
colt′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.coltish - given to merry frolicking; "frolicsome students celebrated their graduation with parties and practical jokes"
playful - full of fun and high spirits; "playful children just let loose from school"


[ˈkəʊltɪʃ] ADJjuguetón, retozón
References in classic literature ?
I followed him in, and I remember observing the contrast the neat, bright doctor, with his powder as white as snow and his bright, black eyes and pleasant manners, made with the coltish country folk, and above all, with that filthy, heavy, bleared scarecrow of a pirate of ours, sitting, far gone in rum, with his arms on the table.
Calling Prime Minister Imran Khan coltish, Hamza Shahbaz said the economy of Pakistan is dying and the country is facing its worst economic crisis.
Before that race nice guy Walker said what a pleasure it was to have a genuine Derby horse in his stable and that performance on the Downs was astounding as the selection was coltish and sweating beforehand.
Sly, who enjoyed 1,000 Guineas success with Speciosa in 2006, said: "Silkstone has got a lovely mind and is not at all coltish - he'll get better with time.
But they require long, tanned legs, a neat butt and a flat stomach, which is why they are beloved of coltish 18-year-olds and feared by grown women with BMIs that are out of their teens.
To keep the stable door bolted while City's coltish second string prance around the yard would be a damning indictment not only of his team and his suitability to be a United manager, but also of his ambition.
TOM DAVIES 7 A handful for Brighton pushing forward, his coltish display showed some inexperience of youth.
While not "exactly" like an old Cobra, the new coil spring action is smooth and it feels "Coltish" in the hand.
From a coltish Zareen in 'Mar Jain Bhi To Kya' to a peevishly erratic Jojo in 'Zard Mausam,' Anum's talent speaks of her ability as a versatile performer.
A cast of ten coltish figures, their proportions and mien familiar to those who saw Corrigan's 2014 solo exhibition at Kerry Schuss in New York, were presented in similarly central compositions.
"He was never coltish, just lazy, and he wasn't helping his jockey.
But experience could not hold the coltish energy of youth, as Dennis fought back strong on Sunday to snatch the class win from Pulman as Hutton-le-Hole's Willie Wood held Mark Hardy off for the last award.