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 (kŏl′ə-brīn′, kŏl′yə-)
1. Of, relating to, or resembling a snake.
2. Colubrid.
3. Of or relating to a colubrid snake of the subfamily Colubrinae, including the king snakes and rat snakes.


(ˈkɒljʊˌbraɪn; -brɪn)
1. (Animals) of or resembling a snake
2. (Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Colubrinae, a subfamily of harmless colubrid snakes
[C16: from Latin colubrīnus, from coluber snake]


(ˈkɒl əˌbraɪn, -brɪn, -yə-)

1. of or resembling a snake; snakelike.
2. belonging or pertaining to the subfamily Colubrinae, of the colubrid snakes.
[1520–30; < Latin colubrīnus; compare colubrid]
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2012), Guazumaul mifolia, Dimorphand ramolli sand Anadenanthera colubrine (Figliolia, Aguiar, & Silva, 2009), has been frequently reported in the literature.
The occupation of the coastal territories of the Pacific Ocean is discussed for at least two distint chronological periods: by Castro and colleagues, regarding the Archaic Period on the coast of Antofagasta, and by Munoz and Gordillo, regarding the Middle Horizon in the Azapa and Caplina coastal valleys; moving further south, Stebergh's work deals with the Inca occupation of the Maipo valley, while Gili and colleagues, working with archaeological contexts of northern Chile, present an interdisciplinary study of the cebil seeds and its varieties, Anadenanthera colubrine var.
ADJECTIVE ANIMAL cervine civet cat colubrine deer hircine goat larine gull lutrine otter musteline seal ovine sheep phocine snake sciurine squirrel viverrine weasel
A standardized extract of piptadenia colubrine, it increase fibronectins, aquaporins and envelope proteins, increasing moisturization from inside out, according to the company, which operates from Sao Paulo.
Mr Colubrine pays a visit to the office and announces plans to expand to Spain, leading the agents to compete for the top job as manager in Almeria.
Mr Colubrine pays a visit to the office, bringing lews that sets the agents in competition.