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Noun1.columbo - any of various tall perennial herbs constituting the genus Frasera; widely distributed in warm dry upland areas of California, Oregon, and Washington
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
Frasera, genus Frasera - genus of North American herbs: columbo; includes some species sometimes placed in genus Swertia
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MOST crooks were glad to see the back of this coat - but the mac worn by TV's Columbo is now a sought-after item going on sale for PS90,000.
COLUMBO Raffaela Dearly beloved Wife of Raffaele (deceased), much loved Mother of Anna and Lucia, motherin-law of Stuart, loving Grandmother (Nonna) and Great Grandmother, passed away peacefully in Coundon Manor with her family at her bedside on August 16th 2016, aged 89 years.
Columbo, the greatest television detective of all time.
30 FILM Columbo Goes to the Guillotine (1989) (PG) (S) 6.
But more recently Sundays have been about legen dary super-sleuth Columbo.
McGruff, as the rumpled crime-fighter soon was named, bore more than a passing resemblance to Peter Falk's eponymous character in television's popular Columbo series.
Columbo is assigned to crack the case, but the suspect's diplomatic immunity hinders the progress of the investigation.
Here he gives a performance that transcends mere mimicry, that goes beyond the obligatory eccentric tics and mannerisms that would be nothing more than a clever impersonation of Falk's Columbo.
Peter Falk starred in 68 featurelength episodes of Columbo between 1968 and 2003.
A stage magician kills a nightclub manager to cover up his past as a Nazi war criminal, but Columbo sees through his alibi 1976 [bar][bar][bar] Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (Channel 5, 3.
At this stage I'd say that Tyrur Sycamore and Tyrur Columbo will both be out.
Columbo 1968-2003, ITV WE'VE had a Peter Falk obsession in our office for many a year and, for us, his cigar-chewing sleuth will always be the crumpled mac-wearing king of the technicolour '70s detectives.