column chromatography

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Noun1.column chromatography - chromatography that uses selective adsorption by a column of powders
chromatography - a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in absorbency
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The fraction B eluting with n-hexane-chloroform (4: 1) was subjected to column chromatography again and obtained several semi pure fractions.
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On the basis of the previous studies, our research team further used the extraction technique to roughly extract Dahuang first; then isolated and purified it by repeated silica gel column chromatography, sephadex column chromatography, ODS C18 reversed phase silica gel column chromatography and MCI column chromatography; and finally identified it by [sup]1 H-NMR,[sup]13 C-NMR, and DEPT nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
To use the ideal column in the separation of Malathion is recommended to work with high values of temperature to avoid dispersion of the compound through the entire column chromatography, and thereby obtain an extraction point.
These compounds are typically analyzed by employing solid phase or liquid-liquid extraction with methylene chloride, concentration, solvent exchange into hexane, and interference removal using acid, copper, or column chromatography.
The cell-free culture supernatant was used as crude lipase and partially purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation followed by DEAE-cellulose column chromatography.
Column chromatography was performed on silica gel (Si 60, 70-230 mesh, E.
It provides column chromatography supplies, disposable laboratory plasticware and test kits for fecal occult blood.
After evaporation under vacuum, the extract was subjected to flash column chromatography from which 3 fractions were yielded.
Column chromatography was used for the isolation of the products of the reaction.
Featured is the AxiChrom column platform offering a revolutionary concept in column chromatography that simplifies column handling at all scales from process development to full-scale production.
Ten fractions were collected from methanol extract by Liquid Column Chromatography and purified by Thin Layer Chromatography.