Footing beam

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the tie beam of a roof.
- Wright.

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The transfer girders allowed the columns to be removed, but put more weight on the existing column footing.
Tenders are invited for Providing Of Rcc Column Footing And Steel Structure For Erection Iron Screen Of Raw Coal Stock Yard At Sawang Washery.
Tenders are invited for construction of store cum site office at rhe, sagarmanna adjactcent to pump house with one wall of the said pump house by column footing uoto gl and masonry brick strucre with necessary items of work
C works laid in 15cms thick layers and well compacted vibrating, curing, for raft foundation column footing, main and secondary beams with all lead and lifts etc.
Tenders are invited for Extension of work of cellar portion of academic a block single storied rcc framed structure with column footing and rcc roofing