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Ionic order column


1. Architecture
a. A vertical structure usually consisting of a base, a cylindrical shaft, and a capital, used as a support or standing alone as a monument.
b. Any slender vertical support, as of steel or reinforced concrete.
2. Something resembling an architectural column in form or function: a column of mercury in a thermometer.
a. One of two or more vertical sections of text lying side by side in a document and separated by a rule or a blank space.
b. An arrangement of numbers in a single vertical line.
4. A feature article that appears regularly in a publication, such as a newspaper.
5. A formation, as of troops or vehicles, in which all elements follow one behind the other.
6. Botany A columnlike structure, especially one formed by the union of a stamen and the style in an orchid flower, or one formed by the united staminal filaments in flowers such as those of the hibiscus or mallow.
7. Anatomy Any of various tubular or pillarlike supporting structures in the body, each generally having a single tissue origin and function: the vertebral column.

[Middle English columpne, columne, ultimately (partially via Old French columpne), from Latin columna; see kel-2 in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

col′umned (kŏl′əmd) adj.
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Adj.1.columned - having or resembling columns; having columns of a specified kind (often used as a combining form); "a columned portico"; "trees with columned trunks"; "white-columned houses"
combining form - a bound form used only in compounds; "`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'"
noncolumned, uncolumned - not having columns
References in classic literature ?
One afternoon I got lost in the woods about a mile from the hotel, and presently fell into a train of dreamy thought about animals which talk, and kobolds, and enchanted folk, and the rest of the pleasant legendary stuff; and so, by stimulating my fancy, I finally got to imagining I glimpsed small flitting shapes here and there down the columned aisles of the forest.
Delovoi Tsentr is a columned triple-hall deep level station with an island platform.
Those in what is now Gujarat state also served as subterranean Hindu temples that featured columned pavilions and elaborate stone carvings of deities.
Turning left we pass Hambleton Cottages and then the imposing columned frontage of the village hall (on our right) before returning to our starting point at the Cat and Bagpipes.
A trio of French doors set into a columned portico lead to a double-height entrance gallery that steps up to a formal living room with high-gloss wood floors; a fireplace with a pilaster-bordered, mirrored mantel; and an impressively towering, triple-stacked wall of windows.
The 17 pages of text, although double columned, are interspersed throughout 259 pages of pictures.
We also used item discrimination analysis to assess correctness and to discriminate between participants presented with columned or justified formats.
Blue Swan stands out as different as the central woman is framed in a firm architectural building, with glorious blue feathers covering her and falling away to the bottom of the tall painting, another reference to the Pre-Raphaelites who often framed their characters in columned settings.
There are many features that are typical of the period including the columned central porch, high ceilings, tall sash windows, timber panelled doors, period timber moulding, oak floor boards and quarry tiles on the ground floor.
The city is known with columned roads and temples dating back to 1st and 2nd centuries.
The property at 101 Hudson Street features an art-deco granite and columned lobby, landscaped courtyard, five-story parking garage with 900 parking spaces, life safety systems, and emergency generators.
The handsome double fronted property has a columned porch entrance and decorative quoins at the side, contrasting with the red brick.