combat mission

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Noun1.combat mission - a mission to capture or defend somethingcombat mission - a mission to capture or defend something
military mission, mission - an operation that is assigned by a higher headquarters; "the planes were on a bombing mission"
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AMMAN/TEHRAN: The U.S.-led coalition downed a Syrian army jet in the southern Raqqa countryside during a Syrian combat mission against Daesh militants, the Syrian army said Sunday.
But, if you do so, the very act of placing a formal request proves that you are sane and therefore you are not eligible to be relieved form combat mission" -- In short, If you are in, there is no way out.
"Our strategy in Syria hasn't changed...These forces do not have a combat mission," Earnest said on Friday, adding that the group would comprise fewer than 50 troops.
and NATO troops pulled back from volatile areas last year, handing security responsibility over to Afghan forces and officially concluding their combat mission at the end of the year.
NATO's International Security Assistance Force or ISAF formally ended its combat mission in Afghnaistan by lowering its flag at a ceremony conducted in Kabul on Dec 28.
It allows them to accompany Afghan troops on combat missions and carry out air strikes and drone attacks when needed.
Turkey has refused to take on any combat missions in Afghanistan, fearing a Muslim backlash, with its troops primarily involved in providing security, reconstruction and training.
The checking will also cover the possibilities for long distance forced marches; management and interaction during the columns' movement at different times of day and in real environments; comprehensive support and hidden deployment in specified areas; and the ability to fully prepare for execution of the next combat mission. (Cihan/Trend az)
The CMF is designed to accomplish three primary missions: the National Mission Force will, when directed, conduct operations to counter significant cyber threats to the nation; Combat Mission Force will support combatant commander priorities and missions; and Cyber Protection Force will defend Department of Defense information networks and improve network security.
"The American forces that have been deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission,'' Obama told troops at US Central Command in Tampa, Florida.
"As we continue to deal with this crisis on our doorstep, we are just months away from completing our longest combat mission in Afghanistan.
"While the combat mission performed by [a] uniformed military presence will transition, the 402d Army Field Support Brigade will continue to support our Nation's objective of maintaining a stable strategic partner in the Government of Iraq," said Colonel John S.

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